Oh My Girl's Hyojung announces mid-term withdrawal
Oh My Girl's Hyojung announces mid-term withdrawal
Lee Si-woo apologizes to Oh My Girl’s Hyo-jung.

In MBC Every1's entertainment show 'The Great Guide', which airs on the 15th, the story of the fifth trip to England with Shin Hyun-jun, Go Gyu-pil, Hyo-jung (Oh My Girl), Lee Si-woo and guide Peter Vint will be revealed. As the trip continues, the members' relationship becomes closer, and expectations are high as it is known that a shocking experience awaits them that will tear them apart.

On this day, the members and guide Peter go to a mysterious tour location late at night through the pouring rain. The place they arrived at was an old house with 400 years of history. While the atmosphere is so eerie that the youngest Lee Si-woo asks, “Is this an abandoned house?”, someone appears making a strange noise. Peter prepared a ‘Ghost Tour’. British people enjoy ‘ghost walks’, where they visit mysterious sites while listening to scary and strange stories.

The members begin to feel anxious as they experience a horror reminiscent of a haunted house. The members, who are more timid than they look, eventually start pushing each other. With various cowardly comments pouring in, such as “Go with me!”, “Don’t catch me,” and “You go in front,” Hyojung, the only female member, breaks down. In the end, youngest Lee Si-woo said, “I’m sorry. sister. “I don’t think I can protect my sister,” he apologized.

Will Hyo-jeong be able to complete the ghost walk safely? After the ghost walk experience, the members expressed their regrets by saying, “I’m sorry to Hyo-jeong” and “I was so scared.” Also, informal language was rampant here and there, and Hyo-jeong said, “I’m halfway through.” Attention is drawn to the reason why Lee Si-woo shouted, “Are you not going to get off?” and the reason why Lee Si-woo lowered his head and said, “I really think I could die while doing this.”

As this is the last story of the British episode, on this day's broadcast, the travel mates' satisfaction evaluation of guide Peter is revealed. The results of the travel mates' UK travel evaluations, which are much more honest and sharp than expected, will be revealed on 'The Great Guide', which airs at 8:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google