Park Ha-sun, was there a reason why there was no conflict between the mother-in-law?
Park Ha-sun, was there a reason why there was no conflict between the mother-in-law?
Actress Ryu Soo-young's look-alike mother has been revealed.

In the KBS2 entertainment show 'Newly Released Fun Restaurant' (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant'), which aired on the 12th, a new recipe series by Ryu Soo-young, the president of housewives in charge of the kitchen, was born. Ryu Soo-young has revealed a recipe that can be made right away, following the lifelong recipe that attracted a lot of attention. The first recipe was ‘Tofu Kimchi’ that can be made in 10 minutes. In this process, Ryu Soo-young's mother, who had a good-natured appearance, made a surprise appearance and attracted attention.

On this day, Ryu Soo-young sat in the kitchen with a serious expression at 9:30 p.m., lost in thought. It's time to be hungry but worried about ordering delivery food. Ryu Soo-young exclaimed, "The food you can eat at times like this, the one you can eat right away by running to your refrigerator! It's a delicious recipe that you can eat right away without having to go to the grocery store."

The first recipe selected by Ryu Soo-young is ‘Tofu Kimchi’, a representative late-night snack menu item. This is because Koreans usually have kimchi and tofu in their refrigerator. 'Tofu kimchi' is a common dish, but it is not easy to make deliciously, so everyone's attention was focused on Ryu Soo-young's recipe.

However, Ryu Soo-young's recipe for 'Tofu Kimchi' ran into difficulties from the start. There was no deliciously ripe kimchi. Ryu Soo-young, who first boiled the tofu in water, revealed a special secret to making delicious stir-fried kimchi with fresh or tasteless kimchi.

Afterwards, Ryu Soo-young even perfected the plating using the tofu slicing method he learned at a restaurant. When the tofu kimchi, which made his mouth water just by looking at it, was completed, Ryu Soo-young's appetite was also relieved. Ryu Soo-young took a big bite of tofu kimchi and said, "I'm happy. This is a true small fortune," and laughed with great satisfaction. Ryu Soo-young did not stop here, but even made a stir-fried kimchi rice bowl on the spot using the stir-fried kimchi he had made.

On this day's broadcast, Ryu Soo-young created a cost-effective dinner menu using ingredients purchased at a convenience store, arousing admiration. Ryu Soo-young made thinned pork skewers with the feel of a high-end tavern using thinned pork belly. The taste of salt sprinkled lightly, the taste of lamb skewers sprinkled with lamb skewer seasoning. In addition, Ryu Soo-young completed three types of thinly sliced pork skewers, including soy sauce flavor, coated with a secret soy sauce made from soju, cola, and Ssanghwatang.

At that time, Ryu Su-young's mother, who had visited Ryu Su-young's house, made a surprise appearance. Ryu Soo-young's mother, who tasted the thinly sliced pork skewers made by her son, praised them generously, saying, "It's delicious." Ryu Soo-young, who was in a good mood, gave a high five to her mother and enjoyed it. Afterwards, Ryu Soo-young said, “It’s thanks to my mother that I became good at cooking. She always admired how delicious it was.”

The new groom, Lee Sang-yeop, who got married last March, visited the house of announcer Cho Jo-ri, his close friend and senior in marriage. Announcer Cho Jo-ri married Bae Hye-ji, a KBS weather caster and announcer, and was enjoying a sweet honeymoon. Lee Sang-yeop made aged kimchi samhap (aged kimchi yukhoe gimbap, aged perilla leaf, and perilla leaf raw fish) for the newlyweds. The couple Jo Jo-ri and Bae Hye-ji enjoyed eating Sang-yeop Lee's cuisine.

Lee Sang-yeop, who was about to get married at the time of filming, looked at the newlyweds and asked many questions about marriage. Accordingly, the couple Jo Jo-ri and Bae Hye-ji gave a tweezers lecture on ‘wedding’. Also, Lee Sang-yeop, who witnessed the newlyweds' flirting, showed his finger with a wedding ring as if to say, 'I have a partner, too.'

‘Newly Released Restaurant’ airs every Friday at 8:30 p.m.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google