Sandara Park "Click B, I wanted to date everyone one by one"
Sandara Park "Click B, I wanted to date everyone one by one"
Sandara Park mentioned her ideal type and expressed her will to get married.

In the 211th episode of KBS Joy's '20th Century Hit Song' aired on the 12th, Sandara Park appeared as an intern MC and showed peer chemistry with Kim Hee-chul. With the theme of a remake song that not only guaranteed box office success but also achieved generational integration, they said, ‘Sniper to Generation Z’s eardrums! The remake of the original song ‘Hit-T Song’ was released.

When HOT's 'Candy (1996)', which captivated the hearts of teenagers in the 90s with its addictive melody, dance, and colorful costumes, was released at number 10, people started performing point dances that they remembered with their whole bodies, including the power racer dance, hammer dance, and alphabet dance. Kim Hee-chul and Sandara Park showed a surprising reaction to the release of the remake video of NCT DREAM's 'Candy', which was reborn as a clear and refreshing song for the first time in 26 years.

Sandara Park, who said, “When I lived in the Philippines, I first encountered HOT by going to a video rental store in Koreatown every weekend and renting it on video,” said Sandara Park, who said that the killing part of the song, ‘I Just Love You~’, became a sing-along part in the NCT DREAM remake version. Along with his belief that “I like singing along in a democratic way,” he confessed, “I used to be a fan of Moon Hee-jun, but after Sech Kies’ debut, I switched to Eun Ji-won.”

The stage of Golden Child's Hong Joo-chan, known as Generation Z's 'eardrum boyfriend', was revealed in the 9th place remake of Lee Jeong-bong's 'How Are You (1996)', and Kim Hee-chul praised him, saying, "Your voice is so clear. A voice that doesn't drink or smoke at all." Sandara Park revealed an episode saying, "I did a musical with Joo-chan, so I listened to it live a lot. Even though it was just a rehearsal, he sang so passionately with tears in his eyes that even the musical actors applauded."

8th place is Sung Si-kyung's 'It Would Be Nice (2002)', which became a hot topic when Red Velvet's Joy, who is considered the 21st century vocal goddess, performed a sweet duet harmony with Paul Kim, and 7th place is Park Jin-young's 'Elevator' (1995), an original song expressing their secret love. )', Baekho's stage video was released, expressing the thrill of being in a space full of people and perfectly expressing his own version of Park Jin-young's unique sexy performance.

Next, 10CM's Kwon Jeong-yeol's remake of Deli Spice's 'Confession (2003)' ranked 6th. When asked, "You've received a lot of confessions, right?" Sandara Park responded, "I received a lot of confessions when I was a student, and I've received them even after my debut." Eun Ji-won is still my ideal type. “He mentioned.

Ranked 5th was Click B's 'Undefeated (2001)', which made the four-member boy group TIOT a candidate for first place.
Sandara Park "Click B, I wanted to date everyone one by one"
Sandara Park "Click B, I wanted to date everyone one by one"
In response to Kim Hee-chul's comment, "It's a shame there wasn't a personal fancam at the time," Sandara Park, who confessed to being a 'big fan' of Click B by saying, "This is K-beauty," said, "It's the first time in 22 years that a Click B song has been remade," and "Click B oppa. “I thought I wanted to date each and every one of them,” he confessed. When the current status of Oh Jong-hyuk and Yoo Hoseok, who are now the heads of the same family, was revealed, people said, “It’s so good to see!” “If I find a man who makes me want to get married, I will leave at any time,” he said, strengthening his resolve.

In 4th place was Jay's 'Like Yesterday (2000)', which Paul Kim, synonymous with a voice that captures women's hearts, presented a remake, and in 3rd place, Kyuhyun remade Lee Seung-hwan's 'Unglamorous Confession (1993)', a song from the past that was not as flashy as the song's title suggests. The confession experience was introduced.

An episode was revealed in which Kyuhyun, who was a vocalist in a band during his school days, came down from the stage and confessed by giving her a rose, but was dumped by his unrequited love because he was more sloppy than expected. Also, when Lee Seung-hwan said that Sandara Park was his ideal type, Sandara Park made people laugh by saying, “I like the style, but you did music with CL.”

When Seo Taiji and Boys' 'Time Regret (1995)' was released in second place, Kim Hee-chul and Sandara Park were curious about the remake singer, saying, "He is famous as a singer who rarely gives permission for remakes," and were surprised when the singer was known as Aespa. I couldn't hide it.

The long-awaited first place was Sanullim's 'The Meaning of You (1984)', which was reborn with the delicate voice of popular singer IU, charting on the online music charts for 73 weeks and still garnering over 200,000 likes, making the remake a huge box office hit. achieved.

IU said that the song that the man she had a crush on in the past liked was 'The Meaning of You' and went directly to Kim Chang-wan to ask for permission. Afterwards, an anecdote was revealed that Kim Chang-wan suggested IU feature after completing the lyrics for the remake.

Lastly, Sandara Park, who had more fun than anyone else on that day's broadcast, concluded her daily MC role for '20th Century Hit Song' by saying, "It was fun to be with Heechul, who is the same age as me."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google