'Pyramid Game' → 'Dak Gangjeong' Jeong Seung-gil, ever-changing
'Pyramid Game' → 'Dak Gangjeong' Jeong Seung-gil, ever-changing
Actor Jeong Seung-gil is receiving rave reviews for his lively portrayal of the aged, 25-year-old Yoo Tae-man in 'Dak Gangjeong'.

'Dakganjeong', which was released in March, tells the story of father Choi Sun-man (played by Ryu Seung-ryong) and the journey of an intern, Go Gon-joong (played by Ahn Jae-hong), who had a crush on Min-ah, to bring back his daughter Min-ah, who was turned into a chicken soup after entering a mysterious machine.

In an unusual development, Jeong Seung-gil imprinted his presence as an actor by playing Yoo Tae-man, a 25-year-old with a presbyopia complex. Jeong Seung-gil delivers the lines from director Lee Byung-hun's Pyo Cha-jin in a natural manner, bringing laughter at just the right places. Jeong Seung-gil's charming acting, showing envy and envy towards his handsome older brother Yoo Tae-young (played by Park Jin-young) and immersing himself in the role while shouting 'Thunder', doubles the fun of the play. In addition to 'Dakgangjeong', we looked back on Jeong Seung-gil's acting moments that encompass a variety of human characters, as he has built his own character through unique acting in each work.
'Pyramid Game' → 'Dak Gangjeong' Jeong Seung-gil, ever-changing
'Pyramid Game' → 'Dak Gangjeong' Jeong Seung-gil, ever-changing
▶ Kim Tae-wan, Chief of Staff of JTBC's 'Agency', showed his charismatic acting at its peak

In 'Agency', Jeong Seung-gil played the role of Kim Tae-wan, who is good at dealing with people but puts pressure on his opponents with an overbearing attitude, and showed the essence of charismatic acting. Producer Lee Chang-min, who was in charge of directing, also said in an interview that his favorite scene was the confrontation between the chief of staff and the head of the legal department, saying, "I didn't think it was a very interesting scene when I looked at the script, but the two actors worked well together so it was really fun." As mentioned, Jeong Seung-gil's delicate acting skills shine in every scene and show the power to fascinate the public.

▶ Seong-jong Seong, Director of Drama Department, JTBC’s ‘Be Melodramatic’, the epitome of realistic acting

Jeong Seung-gil's acting as star writer Jeong Hye-jeong (played by Baek Ji-won) and Tiki Taka, who played the role of Seong In-jong, CP of the drama department, in 'Melodious Constitution' is still talked about as a witty performance even as time has passed. In the street food stall scene, Jeong Seung-gil even humorously expresses the short line “I’m lonely” to Jeong Hye-jeong while drunk, while also saying, “Honestly, we are in a good position to play a bad guy character,” and “Even when I close my mouth, I still reveal my point with energy through my facial expression, and it’s so unfashionable.” The famous line “I’m getting older” was perfectly said and various charms were revealed. As if responding to the acting of Jeong Seung-gil, who portrayed the image of a director who might be out there somewhere with his simple and comfortable acting, the main response from viewers was, “I want to see more of the story between the writer and the director.”

▶ Learning how to act as a charismatic dad... hospital director Seo Jung-yeon in 'Pyramid Game'

Jeong Seung-gil played the role of Seo Do-ah (Shin Seul-gi)'s father and hospital director Seo Jung-yeon in TVing's original 'Pyramid Game', which is achieving good results by ranking first in the number of weekly paid subscribers. Seo Jung-yeon, who was born and raised as a master and has taken the elite course, is a person with vested interests who even consults on peer relationships to help her only daughter lead a successful life.

Jeong Seung-gil, who played the role of Seo Jung-yeon, solidified his position as an actor with a strange atmosphere and captivating acting that made viewers unable to take their eyes off him as a patriarchal father, increasing the immersion and concentration of viewers. Apart from the story of the students in class 5 of the second grade, he showed his presence by giving great weight to the play in each scene he appeared.

In addition, Jeong Seung-gil, who showed outstanding performances in various works such as the role of pro-Japanese fan Lee Wan-yong in tvN's 'Mr. He is positioned as an actor who gives people confidence. Interest and anticipation are also gathering in the future acting moves of Jeong Seung-gil, who is captivating the public's eyes and ears with his different charms.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google