Kim Ha-neul and Yeon Woo-jin, reason for breakup
Kim Ha-neul and Yeon Woo-jin, reason for breakup
The reason for the breakup of couple Kim Ha-neul and Yeon Woo-jin is revealed.

In the 5th episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Let's Get Caught by the Collar', which airs today (1st), the shocking past history of Seo Jeong-won (played by Kim Ha-neul) and Kim Tae-heon (played by Yeon Woo-jin), who were in love with each other, is revealed.

Jeong-Won and Tae-Heon, who had previously met through a relationship between a reporter and a detective, became attracted to each other and developed into a romantic relationship. The two, who broke up due to mutual misunderstandings, became entangled again in the subsequent murder cases of Jin Myeong-sook (played by Lee Young-sook) and Cha Eun-sae (played by Han Ji-eun), amplifying curiosity about future developments.

The still released ahead of the broadcast shows Jeong-won and Tae-heon running into each other in front of the memorial park where Detective Cha (played by Danny Ahn) is sleeping.

Tae-heon, who celebrates the anniversary of Detective Cha's death every year, is surprised by an unexpected meeting with Jeong-won. Tae-heon continues to show a cold attitude toward Jeong-won, who visits the memorial park, while Jeong-won is at a loss for words and unable to hide his bitter feelings at Tae-heon's resolute appearance while spewing harsh words at him. It raises questions as to why Jeong-won appeared at the memorial park and what connection the two have between Detective Cha's death.

On this day's broadcast, the entire story of the death of Tae-heon's partner, Detective Cha, is revealed one by one. In the still released together, Tae-heon is shedding tears as he holds on to the bloody body of Detective Cha, who fell under a building. When Detective Cha dies after leaving his last will, Tae-heon weeps as if he is about to collapse at any moment, creating a feeling of despair in the viewers.

Jung-won, who arrives at the scene of the crime late, is also shocked to find Detective Cha dead. Jeong-won tries to approach Tae-heon with a bewildered look on his face, as if he can't believe it, but Tae-heon, who has lost his mind due to Detective Cha's death, points a gun at Jeong-won.

The production team of ‘Let’s get caught by the collar’ said, “Danny Ahn will make a special appearance as Detective Cha, the person who holds the important secret that led to Jeong Won and Tae Heon’s breakup. “Please look forward to the performance of Danny Ahn, who will reveal his short but powerful presence, as well as the acting chemistry he will show with Yeon Woo-jin.”

Episode 5 of ‘Let’s Get Caught by the Collar’ will be broadcast at 10:10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google