Kim Ji-min "Kim Jun-ho won the lottery and didn't win at all."
Kim Ji-min "Kim Jun-ho won the lottery and didn't win at all."
Kim Ji-min calls her lover Kim Jun-ho ‘Lotto’.

Episode 7 of tvN's 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2', which airs on the 21st, is 'Even if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit! Under the theme of ‘Discordant Family’, conflicts that heighten discord within family and friend relationships are revealed. On this day, comedians Kim Ji-min and Hwang Je-seong are present.

First, Hwang Je-seong said to the audience at the scene, “Today we gathered only people like the lottery,” and Kim Ji-min immediately replied, “It doesn’t work out well (like the lottery),” hinting at today’s topic. Hwang Je-seong then asked Kim Ji-min, “Have you ever felt like you were a lottery winner when you were in an open relationship?” and Kim Ji-min made a big laugh by joking, “Every day is like a lottery, not at all.”

Kim Chang-ok, who heard this, said, “There is a saying like that in the West too. “You can finally get married when you can say you’re sorry even if you didn’t do anything wrong,” he said. “These are husbands who say they’re sorry because they love you so much. “If you don’t feel it’s worth it, don’t get married,” he said, garnering enthusiastic sympathy from couples by giving serious advice on marriage.

In the full story, concerns about the discord that arise in various relationships are poured out. First, the story of a Kan tribe demon king husband who enrages his wife is revealed, raising interest. Kim Chang-ok, who heard the story of the 'elementary school' husband who not only makes jokes that get on his wife's nerves, but also plays practical jokes on his children and makes them angry, asks sharp questions to understand the essence of his intentions, and then points out the problems in parenting and expression methods. It arouses everyone's admiration.

For the first time in the Kim Chang-ok show, the conflict between the two men continues. He says he is worried about his relationship with his same-sex friend, who has been close to him since middle school, but is always jealous of everything from trivial games to his appearance. He even applied for 'Kim Chang-ok Show 2' at the same time, but when he was selected, his friend's jealousy grew even more. In response to this situation, Kim Chang-ok realizes his friend's true intentions, saying, "I'm so jealous." Attention is focused on the reason why the friend, who was confessing his true feelings, eventually shed tears and revealed his jealousy.

The husband's concerns about low self-esteem due to his wife, a Korean language instructor, having a habit of adding "Do you understand?" at the end of every sentence are also revealed. Her husband, a former opera singer, is also a teacher, but at home he gets scolded by his wife like a student. In particular, he surprised everyone by pointing out the spelling of text messages and complaining of distress. However, as soon as the wife's counterattack begins and the husband's unstoppable revelations begin, Kim Chang-ok shouts, "How far are you going to talk!", raising curiosity about the completely reversed situation.

Various stories about disharmony in relationships are also revealed, such as the unhappy battle conflict between a couple who had an unhappy childhood, a husband who is in the top 0% of the elite but is not good at anything other than studying, and the hardships of a wife who always has to eat the same thing because of her 'noodle killer' husband.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google