It was Oh Man-seok's son whom Cha Eun-woo and Kim Nam-joo murdered... shock reversal
It was Oh Man-seok's son whom Cha Eun-woo and Kim Nam-joo murdered... shock reversal
In MBC's 'Wonderful World', a shocking twist was revealed that Cha Eun-woo was Oh Man-seok's son who was murdered by Kim Nam-joo.

In the 6th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Wonderful World' (planned by Kwon Seong-chang/directed by Lee Seung-young, Jeong Sang-hee/written by Kim Ji-eun/produced by Samhwa Networks), which aired on the 17th (Saturday), Soo-hyeon (Kim Nam-joo) is known to be the only survivor of the 'pension fire incident'. He fell into confusion, doubting the identity of Seon-yul (played by Cha Eun-woo).

In the end, the twist ending was revealed, revealing that Seon-yul's true identity was the biological son of Ji-woong (played by Oh Man-seok), whom Su-hyeon murdered, creating a shock. Accordingly, 'Wonderful World' is continuing its momentum, recording a nationwide viewership rating of 7.3% and a peak viewership rating of 8.6%. (Based on Nielsen Korea)

Su-hyeon couldn't hide her shock as she asked Seon-yul, who met Eun-min (played by Kang Myeong-joo) in her hospital room, "How are you here?" At that moment, the electrocardiogram warning sound sounded, indicating that Eunmin's condition was critical. In an unexpected emergency situation, Seonyul attempted CPR on Eunmin as if nothing was visible, raising doubts about their relationship.

Seonyul came to her senses only after being led by the medical staff, and Suhyeon was confused by the whole situation. Fortunately, when Eun-min's condition stabilized, Su-hyeon expressed her curiosity about the relationship between Seon-yul and Eun-min. In response, Seonyul said, “I don’t want to see people die. “Then what about that?” he said, trying to change the subject by saying that he had just accidentally saved a critically ill person.

Seonyul, who escaped the confusing situation, calmed herself down by running on the treadmill until she was out of breath. Sujin (played by Yang Hye-ji), who was watching, said, “You shouldn’t run like this. What kind of heart is that? “When we were both hospitalized with heart problems, we couldn’t have made it without you,” he said, worrying about Seonyul. Seonyul said, “I met that woman there yesterday. Aren’t you curious? He raised the tension by revealing a cool look in his eyes and saying meaningful words like “What will his expression be like when I meet that son?”

Among these, Su-hyeon learned from her doctor brother-in-law Tae-ho (played by Jin Geon-woo) that Eun-min had a son, and then realized that the culprit who sent her the photo of Su-ho (played by Kim Kang-woo)'s affair could be Ji-woong's son. In addition, after confirming that the perpetrator's car was traveling at 115 km/h in a section where the speed limit was 30 km/h at the time of Eun-min's accident, Soo-hyun reflected on what the reporter said earlier, "It's not an accident, it's like an incident." Su-hyeon, who thought it was an incomprehensible accident, began to investigate Eun-min's car accident in earnest.

Meanwhile, Su-ho visited Go-eun (played by Won Mi-kyung) and apologized in tears. Suho said, “I also lost a child. I couldn't even cry out loud because I was afraid I might lose Suhyeon too. Still, I shouldn't have done that, but I guess I was crazy. “Mom, I’m really sorry,” he sobbed, and Su-hyeon, who was listening to this from behind the wall, also swallowed her tears.

Su-hyeon said to Su-ho, “I tried to cut you all out, but both me and Geon-woo were gone. I don't know how long it will take to repair our relationship. But I had no choice but to forgive, saying, “I will try my best.”

Seonyul urgently headed to the hospital upon hearing that officials from an illegal gambling establishment had visited the hospital room of Minhyuk, who was seriously injured and undergoing surgery. A situation in which an attempt was made to force the unconscious Minhyuk to sign a waiver of his body. Faced with Min-hyuk's critical situation again, Seon-yul tears up the body waiver and asks, "Are you human bastards?" He shouted, “To an unconscious person,” and threw himself to save Minhyuk. Su-hyeon, who discovered Seon-yul by chance at the hospital, couldn't hide her surprise when she found Seon-yul fighting in the hospital hallway.

Soo-hyeon was worried and said, “I can’t bear to see you break down any more, even if it means thinking about your parents.” But Seon-yul got angry and said, “You’re just giving me advice. You're a murderer. He turned away coldly, saying, “Just live your own life,” and Soo-hyeon froze in place after hearing that he was a murderer.

Among them, Kim Jun (played by Park Hyuk-kwon) increased his support for the election by attending the sports day of the daughter of an environmental activist in place of his father, who was unable to attend his daughter's sports day due to the ongoing crane sit-in. However, the female support base is still weaker than that of competitors. Accordingly, they came up with a strategy to take advantage of anchor Suho, who was popular among women, and instructed Seonyul to look into Suho's photos and personal information. At this time, Han Sang, who received a request from Su-ho, secretly hid and filmed the meeting between Seon-yul and the secretary, raising expectations for future developments.

Afterwards, Su-hyeon went to a junkyard because she thought the melody that suddenly changed while hurling harsh words at her was strange. Seonyul said, “I wanted to do something. “I just received it from them,” he said. “The patient’s son was also there that day.” Just like me. “I did it because I thought I couldn’t bear to lose my mother,” he explained. When it got dark outside and Su-hyeon got into the car to go back, Seon-yul looked at Su-hyeon and said, “(The wheels) look like they are flat. Would you like me to put some air in them?”

In response, Seonyul told Suhyun the myth that the mother Aphrodite and her son Eros, who are entangled in the constellation Pisces, are holding on to each other so as not to lose sight of each other while looking at the stars floating in the sky. Then, Seonyul appeared even more relaxed, saying, “I thought you would never come to see me again,” and Suhyeon said, “I wonder if I said I was your protector with that much intention? “I will continue to meddle in your life,” he said, getting closer.

Meanwhile, while watching the fire show going on at the restaurant she went to with Suho, Su-hyeon suddenly remembered that the victim of the 'pension arson fire' incident had a phobia of fire, and fell into confusion. At the same time, Su-hyeon was confused when she remembered that Seon-yul was not only lighting firewood without a care in the world, but also had no scar on her left shoulder.

Seonyul, who visited Eunmin's hospital room at that time, put Eunmin's hand on her face and called her "mom," surprising viewers. Finally, it was revealed that Seon-yul's identity, which had been shrouded in mystery, was not the victim of the 'pension arson incident' but the son of Ji-woong, who was murdered by Su-hyeon. At the same time, the ending ended in a scene where Su-hyeon had strong doubts about Seon-yul’s identity, saying, “Seon-yul, who are you?”

MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Wonderful World' airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM and can also be watched through Disney+.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google