Hye-kyung Ahn "Lee Hyo-ri, I feel like I was punched in the back of the head"
Hye-kyung Ahn "Lee Hyo-ri, I feel like I was punched in the back of the head"
Actress Ahn Hye-kyung, who was a weather caster, revealed that she consulted Lee Hyo-ri about her concerns.

Actress Ahn Hye-kyung, a weather caster, appeared as a guest on TV Chosun's 'Gourmet Heo Young-man's Alumni Journey', which aired on the 10th.

On this day's broadcast, Heo Young-man introduced Ahn Hye-kyung as "the fairy of Chuncheon." Hye-kyung Ahn said, "I lived in Chuncheon from when I was very young, from the age of 1 to 9. My hometown is Gangwon-do. When I come here, it feels like my house and my grandmother's house."

Arriving at the first restaurant, Ahn Hye-kyung said, "I like Korean food. I eat everything, but I can't eat just one. I can't just eat eel. I know it's good for the body, but I live in the countryside, so I've seen too many snakes. I even caught a snake a long time ago. “I used to catch snakes and sell them with my older sisters in the neighborhood,” he explained.
Hye-kyung Ahn "Lee Hyo-ri, I feel like I was punched in the back of the head"
Hye-kyung Ahn "Lee Hyo-ri, I feel like I was punched in the back of the head"
Hye-kyung Ahn confessed, "My grandmother, grandfather, mother, and father live in Pyeongchang now. We often go out to play. Even if it's on purpose." He said, "It's been a long time since my mother was sick. It's been a long time since she was sick due to a cerebral infarction and couldn't cook. It's been over 10 years, but I miss my mom's food a lot." He then said, “I just want to eat home-cooked food. I want to eat what my mom cooked.”

Hye-kyung Ahn said, "I think I really hated it when weather forecasters appeared on the news wearing suits and short hair. That's how I feel." He added, "It wasn't a bikini, but I wore it boldly. That's why I wrote a lot of poems. They said that the ratings only went up for the part about the weather. I felt good."

He also said that he received a lot of confessions during his days as a weather caster. Ahn Hye-kyung said, "There are various types of meat in spicy soup. These meats were like my acting. I can do this and this, and I thought it was like an acting life. The beginning was not that smooth."

Ahn Hye-kyung said, "I quit my job as a weather presenter when I was at the peak. I thought that if I quit at the peak, I would rise further from the peak, but that didn't happen. The path to becoming an actor started from the bottom again. That was the first time I felt it. I knew a lot of what I was lacking and made up for it. “I decided to do a play for them. I’m doing it regularly now,” he said with a laugh.

Not only that, "In the past, when you got on an airplane, you had to fill out an immigration form. I don't do it now. I wasn't confident enough, so I wrote 'student' on there. I shared that concern with Lee Hyori. I can't confidently write 'actor' in the occupation section. What do you say? "I asked her if she was using it. Then she told me I was a superstar. She said it would be okay if I proudly wrote that I was an actress. Those words felt like a slap to the back of my head. Now, I confidently say I am actress Ahn Hye-kyung."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google