Chef Hoyoung Jeong “Operates 6 stores, IU also visits”
Chef Hoyoung Jeong “Operates 6 stores, IU also visits”
Ho-young Jeong and Hoon Song engage in a spicy expose.

Ho-young Jeong, a Japanese chef with 26 years of experience, and Ho-young Song, a Western chef with 24 years of experience, will visit Channel A's entertainment show 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which will be broadcast on the 27th.

The two became close friends while appearing together on the JTBC entertainment show 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator', and showed off their strong chemistry by bickering from the beginning of the recording.

MC Jeong Hyeong-don responded, “No matter how close you are, there will be a subtle war of nerves. “Let’s find out who is the top tier chef,” he said, encouraging a rivalry battle between the two. When MC Jeong Hyeong-don asked, “How many stores are you currently operating?” Song Hoon answered that he was currently operating two stores. Hoyoung Jeong responds by saying that he operates as many as six stores. Not to be outdone, Song Hoon boasts of the 7,000 pyeong Jeju store site, saying that the store size is different. Then Hoyoung Jeong said, “It’s not your land. “It’s a lease!” he says, showing off their bickering chemistry.

Ho-young Jeong reveals that not only celebrities IU, Jung Woo-sung, and Lee Jung-jae, but also Dr. Oh Eun-young have come to his store and takes the victory in the battle. Song Hoon responded, “But anyway, udon is udon. “It’s just dough,” he dissed, drawing laughter.

Despite the pleasant atmosphere, Hoyoung Jeong, who currently runs six stores in Jeju and Seoul, confesses that he has been a weekend couple with his wife, who is helping out in Jeju, on weekends for three years. Although he travels between Jeju and Seoul every weekend to meet his wife, he reveals that it is difficult because there is little time to spend together as a couple and the conflicts that build up during the time apart are not easily resolved.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who confirmed Jeong Ho-young's concerns, said, "Partnerships are easy to start between people who are on good terms, but then the relationship deteriorates." She worries about the couple's relationship, saying that while working together, there may be difficulties in fighting or blaming each other. In response, Ho-young Jeong revealed an anecdote about how he misunderstood his wife's words, and his wife suggested, "Since a lot of customers leave a lot of udon noodles, let's reduce the amount of udon noodles." Ho-young Jeong said that as a chef, he has lost his sense of hand and cannot control the amount of udon noodles properly. I confess that I have fought because of misunderstandings.

Accordingly, MC Jeong Hyeong-don also said, “I’m sorry, honey.” He adds that it is not easy to say, “I was wrong,” so there are many cases where we just move on without letting go of all our emotions.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who was listening to the two people's story, said that just as one page of an English dictionary is very thin, but the thin pages stack up to form a thick English dictionary, if minor but unresolved feelings remain in a couple's relationship, it can become difficult to deal with them in the future. Explain. He then cautions that the closer the relationship, such as between a married couple, the more accurately one must communicate.

Ho-young Jeong, who was listening to Dr. Eun-young Oh's advice, remembers his wife who supported him even in difficult economic times, saying, "We can do a small street stall together, so let's try our best," and he breaks down in tears, saying that he wants to get along without fighting but doesn't know how. It looks like

The concerns of Song Hoon, a 24-year Western chef with an impressive career as a sous chef at a Michelin restaurant in New York after graduating from CIA, a world culinary school, are also revealed. Song Hoon is fulfilling his work and family responsibilities by going back and forth between the US and Korea every three weeks for his children in the US, but he suffered burnout and revealed, “I wanted to give it all up,” causing everyone’s disappointment. Expectations are high to see what Dr. Oh Eun-young's Eun-young Magic will be for working dads who have lost their balance between work and family.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google