Ryu Dam, came to his senses about his monotonous parenting, "I'm sorry to my wife."
Ryu Dam, came to his senses about his monotonous parenting, "I'm sorry to my wife."
Actor Ryu Dam confessed that he felt sorry for his wife for raising her children alone.

In the 5th episode of MBN's entertainment show 'Decided to Divorce at least once', which aired on the 18th, Lee Hye-jeong and Go Min-hwan appeared unable to communicate due to '45 years of marriage', and Jeong Dae-se and Myeong expressed their difficulties living with their in-laws after '10 years of marriage'. Seohyun, 'married for 4 years' and remarried couple, the final virtual divorce story of Ryu Dam and Shin Yu-jeong, who experienced conflict due to the difficulties of raising twins, unfolded. ‘Decision to Divorce at least once’, which has completed its 5-episode pilot, is scheduled to return to regular programming in April.

Jeong Dae-se, who had previously brought his two children to his home through the 'right to negotiate face-to-face', prepared a meal for the children for the first time by personally making seaweed soup and steamed chicken. The children exclaimed, “It’s delicious!” and Jeong Dae-se was happy for a moment, saying, “I never knew saying the word ‘delicious’ could make me feel so proud and good.” He then reflected, “It would have been nice if my wife had just said that it was delicious when she prepared the meal.”

After eating, Jeong Dae-se tried to put the children to sleep, but the children did not fall asleep easily. In the end, Jeong Dae-se, who went to bed without cleaning up the house, felt sorry for his wife, saying, “In the past, I was dissatisfied with my wife for not being able to put the children to sleep quickly, but after I tried, I realized why.” In addition, Jeong Dae-se said, “I couldn’t go to the gym today because I was taking care of my children. “When I raised a child, all my personal routines disappeared,” he said, once again expressing his difficulties in raising children.

While Jeong Dae-se was doing 'single parenting', Myeong Seo-hyeon was enjoying a break by herself and went to meet Nam Hee-seok of Ojakgyo, who had brought them together. Myeong Seo-hyeon confessed to Nam Hee-seok, who was like her own older brother, that she had gone through a 'virtual divorce' with her husband, saying, "As I entered my 10th year of marriage, I began to feel bored." She then complained, saying, “My husband just lies at home like my son.” Nam Hee-seok responded to Myeong Seo-hyeon’s words by saying, “It would actually be prettier (to the father-in-law) if the son-in-law acted like a son. Dae-se expressed Jeong Dae-se’s position by saying, “He probably did it because he wanted to be a real son.”

In addition, Nam Hee-seok called Myeong Seo-hyeon's mother, who was unaware of the news of her daughter's virtual divorce because she was staying in Japan on business, and asked for reinforcements, saying, "Seo-hyun is said to be getting a divorce. Isn't there a man like her son-in-law right now?" Nam Hee-seok continued, “Seohyun also seems to be very comfortable with her husband. He gave sincere advice, saying, “Why don’t you change your tone to be more friendly?” Jeong Dae-se, who was watching this in the studio, expressed his gratitude, saying, “You really know my feelings.”
Ryu Dam, came to his senses about his monotonous parenting, "I'm sorry to my wife."
Ryu Dam, came to his senses about his monotonous parenting, "I'm sorry to my wife."
Ryu Dam was tired of raising the twins alone and waited for his wife to come. When his wife came home a while later, Ryu Dam quickly got ready to go out. Shin Yu-jeong, who saw that the house was in a mess, said, "I thought my husband would always nag me (about keeping the house in order) so I cleaned it all up," and said with a meaningful smile, "After all, raising a child is not an ordinary job."

Ryu Dam, who was going out privately for the first time since getting married, quickly made plans for a daytime drink with acquaintances. Later, at a drinking party with acquaintances, he talked about the hardships of raising twins. However, an acquaintance confessed his own divorce experience and advised Ryu Dam to “be better to his wife and try harder for the children,” making Ryu Dam reflect.

When the three couples' virtual divorce story came to an end, MCs Kim Yong-man and Oh Yoon-ah expressed their gratitude, saying, "Everyone took the virtual divorce so seriously that we were able to feel a lot." Lee Hye-jeong said, “After trying it this time, it seemed like divorce really shouldn’t happen. “I thought I would feel relieved after doing it, but when I saw the cases of Ryu Dam and Jeong Dae-se, I thought, ‘Oh, there’s no one special,’” he said, devastating the studio.

Lastly, the epilogue 'After the Virtual Divorce' was released, in which Ryu Dam met with his wife at a restaurant and said, "I feel fortunate that I realized my shortcomings through the virtual divorce, and I will try to be a good father to my wife and children." It gave me a premonition. The couple Jeong Dae-se and Myung Seo-hyun also left a deep impression by taking a happy family photo with their children and reflecting on the importance of family.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google