Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Kang Hyo-min and Kim Sang-hyuk announced that they had undergone a vasectomy as they became a family of seven.

In the 29th episode of MBN's entertainment program 'Adults Don't Know High School Mom 4' (hereinafter referred to as 'High School Mom 4'), which aired on the 14th, the story of Kim Ga-yoon, a 'high school mom' who requested an 'SOS' from the production crew, and the season 2 cast 'Five Siblings' were told. The current status of 'Parents' Kang Hyo-min and Kim Sang-hyuk, as well as 'Angel Mom' Kim Seo-ah, who appeared in Season 4, has been revealed.

First, Kim Ga-yoon, an 18-year-old high school mother who said, “I feel so wronged that I wake up even when I’m sleeping,” revealed her turbulent story through a reenactment drama. As a child, Ga-yoon Kim suffered from an abusive and abusive father. Her parents divorced when she was in middle school, and she was bullied for unknown reasons at school. Ga-yoon Kim, who said, “I was ignored even by the teacher who asked for help,” eventually chose to drop out. Afterwards, she used social media to forget her loneliness, but met and started dating a man 11 years older than her. However, Ga-yoon Kim said, “When my boyfriend went home, we couldn’t contact him, so we kept fighting, and we broke up after four months of dating. “But after breaking up, I found out I was pregnant, so I contacted my boyfriend again,” she confessed, making everyone feel sad.

After some time, Ga-yoon Kim met her ex-boyfriend with her mother, but unlike Ga-yoon Kim's strong attitude, saying, “I can't get rid of the child,” the ex-boyfriend said, “I have absolutely no intention of having a child. The conflict grew as he said, “I will give you money so you can have the child.” Finally, a few weeks later, her ex-boyfriend blocked Ga-yoon Kim's phone number, deleted her social media accounts, and completely disappeared.

Immediately after, Ga-yoon Kim appeared in the studio with her face covered and confessed, “In reality, I have never received money (from a man) to have a child.” In a serious atmosphere, the studio cast asked lawyer Lee In-cheol, “Assuming that the personal information about the man that Ga-yoon Kim knows is real, what legal action can be taken?” Attorney Lee In-cheol explained, “If we know the identity of the man, we can put the child on the man’s family register and claim child support and alimony.” He emphasized, “Even if the child’s father strongly opposed the birth, the biological father automatically has an obligation to provide support.” After hearing this, Ga-yoon Kim expressed her gratitude, saying, “Today’s appearance was a great help.”
Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Next, Kang Hyo-min and Kim Sang-hyuk, a 'couple with many children' who appeared in the 11th episode of 'High School Mom 2' broadcast in August 2022, appeared in the studio and revealed their current situation as a family of seven. Kang Hyo-min made her name known as the youngest middle school mother at the time. In a broadcast at the time, Kang Hyo-min revealed that she found out she was pregnant after breaking up with her boyfriend when she was in middle school and gave birth to her first child at the age of 16. She also revealed that after giving birth, she met another boyfriend through an acquaintance, but broke up with him due to self-doubt, and gave birth to her second child in the bathroom without knowing she was pregnant. The father of her third and fourth children was her current husband, Kim Sang-hyuk.

The two, who were raising four siblings at the time of the broadcast, gave birth to their youngest daughter about five months ago, and now they have become a family of seven. In addition, the eldest and second children, who took Kang Hyo-min's last name, applied for biological adoption after 'High School Mom 2' and took on Kim Sang-hyuk's surname and family register.

In particular, Jin-seok, the eldest son, was taking good care of his four younger siblings, just as he showed on the air two years ago. Jin-seok kept clashing with his father, Sang-hyuk Kim, while Hyo-min Kang was away from home for a part-time job, raising concerns among the cast. Even when Kim Sang-hyuk, who was tired from working double shifts at work, asked him to “take care of his younger brother,” Jin-seok, who was complaining of “childcare stress,” was absorbed in his cell phone and did not listen well.

Kim Sang-hyuk, who eventually confiscated Jin-seok's cell phone, confessed his true feelings to the production team, saying, "I am treating Jin-seok strictly to prevent him from going astray, but I am worried that the child may think, 'I am scolding him more than he is his biological father.'" The next day, Kim Sang-hyuk soothed the children's hearts by having his first 'rich man outing' with Jin-seok, the first child, and Jin-su, the second child. Jin-seok, who relaxed his mood by eating sweet desserts, declared, “If I have a sixth child, I will leave home,” and Kim Sang-hyuk said, “I don’t have any more siblings,” and hinted that he had undergone a vasectomy.

In a more gentle situation, Jinseok also expressed his wish, “I hope my dad doesn’t get angry at me.” Kim Sang-hyuk warmly comforted him, saying, “I didn’t scold you because I hate you.” MC Seo Jang-hoon, who watched the reconciliation between father and son, gave a thumbs up, saying, “Jin-seok is the best child I’ve ever seen.”
Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Kang Hyo-min, who gave birth in the bathroom, became a mother of five children
Lastly, the current status of Kim Seo-ah, a teenage mother who appeared in the 7th episode of 'High School Mom 4', was reported. Kim Seo-ah, who appeared in a bright appearance, said, “After appearing on the broadcast, I received a call from the CEO of a franchise cafe saying, ‘I want to help.’ “I became the owner of a cafe thanks to the CEO’s support throughout the entire process of starting a business,” he said. In addition, Kim Seo-ah showed confidence, saying, “It’s only been 2 months since we opened the cafe, and we are gradually increasing our net profits,” and when the CEO of the franchise cafe, her “benefactor,” came to the store, she complained, “It’s a bit physically difficult since we’re open 16 hours a day.” He also confessed. In particular, when the story about her son Lee Han came up, she shed tears, and Kim Seo-ah was upset, saying, “I barely see my son because I leave him at my parents’ house and work.”

The next day, Kim Seo-ah met her son for the first time in a week and had a great time at the kids cafe. Afterwards, as the day was getting late, I took my son to his parents’ house, and he said, “I want to sleep at my mom’s house. “I like living with my mom,” he said with tears in his eyes. In the end, Kim Seo-ah burst into tears that she had been holding back, and Lee Han-i, who became quiet at the sight of her mother like that, calmly accepted her mother's suggestion, "We must go to mom's house next week." Kim Seo-ah, who returned home, sat in her son's empty room and sobbed again, and firmly pledged, "I will settle down as soon as possible, make money, and definitely bring Lee Han over," putting the studio in a state of despair.

‘High School Mom 4’ airs every Wednesday at 10:20 PM.

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