Seonyoung Ahn becomes the owner of the ‘4th floor office building CEO’
Seonyoung Ahn becomes the owner of the ‘4th floor office building CEO’
Seonyoung Ahn returned as the owner of the building.

Lee Man-ki, Ahn Seon-young, and Oh Min-seok, who have reached the peak of their respective fields, will appear on the SBS entertainment show 'Single for Men with Shoes Off', which will be aired on the 13th.

Lee Man-ki, who appeared with a unique force, made 'Single for Men' very tense from the beginning, saying, "Why are you all proud of your returning single?" Then, when he boasted about the title of the first world leader and his records from his heyday, Tak Jae-hoon scoffed and said, "If you're going to talk about the old days, come with loincloths on." In response, Lee Man-gi jumps up from his seat and makes the scene into a sea of laughter with the greatest ever-enemy chemistry reminiscent of Tom and Jerry.

Ahn Seon-young, the icon of selling out home shopping, is the envy of everyone when she tells us about her recent status as a building owner. Sunyoung Ahn is currently working as the CEO of a shopping mall, and recently garnered attention by revealing the construction process of a new four-story building. He also revealed in an entertainment program, "When I was doing a lot of home shopping, I sold 2.8 billion won in one hour."

In order to prove her ability to sell out on home shopping, Sunyoung Ahn is attracting attention by taking on the challenge of selling out to the members of 'Dolsing for Men'. It is said that, as a talented speaker, he brought out the unexpected strengths of 'Single for Men' and impressed everyone.

Next, the love story of those who have perfect dating skills will also be revealed. Lee Man-gi tells his wife about a proposal in which he gave her the keys to a fully-optioned apartment, saying, “Everything is ready, just come.” In response, Singles For Men said, “We all have plans, too,” and revealed plans for a palace proposal and ready-mixed concrete proposal that went beyond imagination, making the audience burst into laughter.

Lee Man-gi confesses the funny reality that he is treated worse than a pet dog at home. He also makes everyone laugh by revealing his know-how to avoid being noticed by his wife upon returning home. Oh Min-seok, who is said to have a connection with Tak Jae-hoon, shocks everyone by revealing the reality of the life of an ugly son who lives with his mother.

‘Single for Men’ will be broadcast at 9 PM on the 13th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google