Kim Jun-ho, exposed naked at this level
Kim Jun-ho, exposed naked at this level
Hong In-gyu, who became the 'most addicted person' during his trip to Malaysia, transformed into a 'human banana' and swept the attention of locals.

In the 6th episode of Channel S's entertainment show 'Nidonnae Mountain Dog Park Tour 2', which aired on the 10th, 'Comedian True Chin' Kim Dae-hee, Kim Jun-ho, Jang Dong-min, Yoo Se-yoon, and Hong In-gyu showed off their pleasant chemistry in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hong In-gyu, who was crowned the person with the most solo beats, brought a lot of laughter as he was depicted carrying out the penalty of ‘painting your whole body gold and walking around the city’.

After finishing the Batu Caves tour that day, Dogbagz headed to an Indian restaurant. The members ordered curry and fried rice, and although they were confused by the Indian food culture of eating with hands instead of spoons, they quickly adapted. After having an 'all-kill' meal, they headed to their accommodation on the second day and 'checked in' to a residence in downtown Kuala Lumpur. 'Dogbox' was happy after unpacking his luggage in a high-rise accommodation overlooking the skyline night view, and started the 'room assignment game' with '4 beds'.

At Yoo Se-yoon's suggestion, they did 'Lip Balm Roll', where Hong In-gyu came in last place and won 'Sleeping on the Sofa' and 'Shopping Penalty'. Accordingly, Hong In-gyu left to go grocery shopping with Jang Dong-min, and the remaining three swam at the hotel's rooftop pool while enjoying the romantic night view. While enjoying swimming, Kim Jun-ho said, “I feel like I lost some belly fat. “I reflected on my body,” he said, making a salty laugh as he pledged to exercise.

At the same time, Jang Dong-min of 'Grocery Team' proposed a surprise birthday party to Hong In-gyu, saying, "It's Junho's birthday soon, so let's prepare a cake." Hong In-gyu agreed, saying, “Jun-ho’s birthday is Christmas, so I was always lonely,” and bought Kim Jun-ho’s favorite durian and various ingredients to prepare a birthday table for Kim Jun-ho.

The two then worked hard to make a fruit cake at their dorm, and Jang Dong-min even cooked a jjamppong dish. After some time, when the three members of the 'Pool Team' returned, 'Dog Boxz' held a surprise birthday party for Kim Jun-ho. Kim Jun-ho was so moved that his eyes turned red, and Yoo Se-yoon said, “Dong-min, just leave the dog-baking game and cook dinner for me!” “You don’t get sick anyway,” Jang Dong-min expressed his admiration for Jjambbong. Jang Dong-min responded by saying, “I told you that you can cook for us ‘Dogbox’ once in a while,” making them feel a strong friendship.
Kim Jun-ho, exposed naked at this level
Kim Jun-ho, exposed naked at this level
The next morning, 'Dogboxz' decided to play a group game of '2 vs. 2 vs. 1' to select the 'most solo beater' in Malaysia. Here, Kim Jun-ho and Hong In-gyu became one team, and Yoo Se-yoon and Jang Dong-min became one team. While Daehee Kim decided to play the game alone, they went to a nearby restaurant and had breakfast. There, we ordered 'Roti', a local bread, and upon seeing this, 'Dogbagz' immediately suggested that we play the 'Roti Cut Long' game.

As a result, Kim Jun-ho and Hong In-gyu lost, and Hong In-gyu was immediately defeated as the '5th dog'. After finishing their meal, they decided to tour the waterfall square in downtown Kuala Lumpur. However, tired of the scorching heat, we quickly looked around the waterfall plaza and then took refuge in a nearby shopping mall.

Afterwards, while looking around a shopping mall, we found an indoor surfing rink and agreed, “Let’s all try it out together and play a final game of solo surfing.” Following the guidance of the staff in charge, each of the 'Dogbox' changed into swimsuits, but Kim Jun-ho did not have a swimsuit, so he quickly bought one nearby and showed up. However, she surprised everyone by showing off a breathtaking swimsuit fashion that was smaller than the palm of her hand. Kim Jun-ho said, “There is no need to be conscious of what others think. “I just play my own game,” he said, displaying his powerful and confident ‘bone man spirit’ and earning everyone’s ‘respect’.

To ensure a fair game, 'Dogboxz' practiced surfing once a time and then decided on the 'Dogbox Game' to 'lie down on the surfboard and hold on for a long time.' As the 'final solo beat' was on the line, everyone showed their sensitivity and gave their best. After the first game, Hong In-gyu and Kim Dae-hee had a rematch, but Hong In-gyu ended up in last place. Devastated, Hong In-gyu carried out the punishment required of the ‘most addicted beater’: ‘paint your entire body gold and walk around the city.’

In particular, ‘Dogbox’ applied body painting directly to Hong In-gyu’s body, and Hong In-gyu despaired of himself becoming a ‘human banana’ and said, “Hey, you sheep. “I didn’t believe you,” he cried. Nevertheless, Jang Dong-min gave an additional mission: “Take 10 photos (with local citizens) while wearing this makeup.”

Hong In-gyu stood alone on the street of a shopping mall, handing out bananas to citizens and asking them to take pictures together, saying, “Photo time!” However, citizens completely ignored him. 'Dogbox', who could not see this, gave advice, saying, "Just try dancing," and Hong In-gyu showed off his dancing spirit and managed to take a proof photo with the citizens. Yoo Se-yoon applauded Hong In-gyu, saying, “You’re so popular,” and Hong In-gyu happily ended his trip to Malaysia by taking a friendship selfie with the ‘Dogbox’ members.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google