‘Branding Personality Manual’ Kim Ji-eun is tolerant of animal testing
‘Branding Personality Manual’ Kim Ji-eun is tolerant of animal testing
-Ji-eun Kim, selling her soul for a brand that practices ‘animal testing’? “If you want to be just, don’t do marketing”!
-Romon, who was suspicious of global brands' 'vegan marketing', discovered an animal laboratory in the factory... What are the repercussions?

In the new MZ romantic thriller drama 'Branding Inseongsu-dong' produced by LG U+'s 'STUDIO Kim Ji-eun's appearance was revealed. Attention is being paid to the results of the pop-up store opening that intern So Eun-ho (played by Romon) was so opposed to.

‘Branding Inseongsu-dong (Planning: STUDIO X+U, Production: STUDIO Team leader Kang Na-eon, a 'workaholic' who can sell her soul for the sake of it, won an exclusive contract for XU Beauty's new product line through an unusual meeting called a 3-minute PT. As Na-eon's status within the Seongsu agency rises once again, Na-eon and Do Yu-mi (played by Yang Hye-ji) try to hold a pop-up exhibition at the Seongsu handmade shoe factory according to the conditions of the CEO of 'XU Beauty' (played by Shin Hyun-soo), but face opposition from the repair workers. I end up losing.

Meanwhile, So Eun-ho, an intern at Seongsu Agency, was found participating in the protest on the side of the repair workers, and made a confident statement to Na-eon, saying, “At least we should do good marketing.” However, Naeon reprimanded, “If you want to be just under me, don’t do marketing.” In addition, Eun-ho suspected that 'XU Beauty' was lying about animal testing and the use of animal oil and was engaging in 'vegan marketing', but Na-eon calmed down Eun-ho's complaints by allowing her to meet the CEO of 'XU Beauty' in person. The CEO of 'XU Beauty' also hugged the rabbit, which is widely used as a laboratory animal, and expressed confidence, saying, "There is no such problem."

However, Eun-ho still could not erase his suspicions, and Na-eon eventually ordered him to come and check the factory himself. Eun-ho was relieved to see that the factory did not seem to be related to animal testing at all and tried to leave, but ended up witnessing dozens of rabbits being experimented on and trapped in a hidden space.

Meanwhile, in the 3rd and 4th still cuts released on the 6th, Naeon was captured at a pop-up store with a mysterious atmosphere with the CEO of 'XU Beauty'. Numerous people flocked to the pop-up store with a nature-themed concept, and Naeon caught everyone's attention by directly reaching out to create visual art that resembled the ripples of sea water. This raises curiosity as to how 'XU Beauty', which has been engaging in false vegan marketing, was able to hold a pop-up exhibition with Naeon that captured the hearts of so many people.

The branding strategy of Kang Na-eon, the ‘demon team leader’ who unconditionally succeeds in anything he touches, and the unpredictable events that will follow can be seen in the romantic thriller drama ‘Branding Personality Manual’. 'Branding Personality Passive' is released every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 00:00 on U+ Mobile TV, and anyone can watch it for free regardless of carrier by simply signing up as a member.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google