Lee Jang-woo, like Baek Jong-won of Songpa-gu, owns two stores.
Lee Jang-woo, like Baek Jong-won of Songpa-gu, owns two stores.
Actor Lee Jang-woo achieved great success by proving his potential as a ‘business genius junior’.

Lee Jang-woo finished his business journey in San Sebastian, a beautiful coastal city in Spain, along with Baek Jong-won, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon, John Park, Lee Gyu-hyung, Fabry, and The Boyz's Eric in the tvN entertainment program 'Business Genius White Beach 2' that aired on the 4th.

On this day, Baek Jong-won suggested that everyone gather at the first branch of 'Banju', a Korean restaurant, to finish the business on the last day, and Lee Jang-woo headed to the second branch to pick up the remaining ingredients before going to work. He said, “I’ve been here for a few days and I really like this place,” and expressed his infinite affection for the second ‘Banju’ branch, which he reborn as ‘Youth Pocha.’

Baek Jong-won, who had been keeping an eye on customers even before opening, promoted packaged side dish sales as a ‘thank you event’, and Lee Jang-woo brightened the mood with a witty comment, saying, “My name is gratitude, and my purpose is to make money.” Also, when Baek Jong-won and Fabry needed to fill in the missing taste after making side dishes, they quickly transformed into 'powder fairies' and took responsibility for the delicious taste of the food.

Lee Jang-woo, who was very worried before starting his business in earnest, smiled brightly when he heard that about 40 customers were waiting outside. In addition, even though I used to cook in the kitchen, I joined the hall just before opening and helped prepare side dishes, immediately making up for the lack of labor. When the food ran out due to the influx of customers, Lee Jang-woo quickly returned to the kitchen and produced his secret weapon, Chapaguri, contributing to increased sales.

In the middle of a very quiet street because it was Monday, the 'accompaniment' became lively alone, and Lee Jang-woo moved back and forth between the kitchen and the hall in a smooth manner. Cheers erupted as the excited employees held a surprise event where they provided free alcohol to customers, and Lee Jang-woo, who heard this from the kitchen, exclaimed with envy, “This must be fun!”, showing his unquenchable excitement. In addition, after finishing the business, he saw the sudden pouring rain and said, “It’s charming,” showing his romantic and positive side.

‘Genius Jazz’, which closed its business on the last day with sales of nearly 2,000 euros, continued its heartfelt remarks. Lee Jang-woo expressed his respect for Baek Jong-won, a 'business genius', by expressing his feelings about his long journey, saying, "I worked comfortably as a kitchen assistant, then was given the title of store manager, and I thought (Baek Jong-won) must have had a really hard time."

In this way, Lee Jang-woo portrayed an unrivaled growth period from kitchen assistant to sous chef to store manager with consistent effort and talent, delighting viewers with his sincerity in business. Actor Lee Jang-woo plans to show active activities in 2024 as well.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google