Honey Lee, hugged by Jong-won Lee
Honey Lee, hugged by Jong-won Lee
‘Widow’ Lee Ha-nui was hugged by Lee Jong-won.

In the 7th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Flowers that Bloom at Night', which aired on the 2nd, a plot unfolded that suggested that the death of Yeom Heung-jip (played by Kim Hyeong-mook) and the death of the previous king were related. The broadcast viewership rating on this day was 13.1% based on Nielsen Korea's nationwide viewership rating research company, once again exceeding its highest viewership rating. This viewership rating is the highest among all MBC dramas broadcast from last year to this year, as well as the previous work, and it is even more noticeable because it surpasses all of the previous works in just 7 episodes, the middle of the drama. In addition, it is not only the best among all dramas broadcast that day, but also has the highest viewer ratings among all TV programs regardless of genre. In particular, the scene in Myeongdo-gak where Yeo-hwa blushes and is embarrassed after being hugged by Su-ho, soars up to 14%.

Jo Yeo-hwa (played by Lee Ha-nui), who revealed her face to Park Soo-ho (played by Lee Jong-won), was pessimistic about her situation as a widow and unable to do anything, and expressed her desire to live as herself, saying, "Will you give me a chance to live too?" Su-ho promised Yeo-hwa, who boldly revealed his identity, that he would protect her secret, but instead warned her not to do anything reckless. Seok Ji-seong (played by Kim Sang-joong) also began to make unusual movements. Through Kang Pil-jik (played by Jo Jae-yoon), he told Oh Nan-kyung (played by Seo Yi-sook) to hide in a hermitage, and he also called Su-ho home with Park Yoon-hak (played by Lee Ki-woo) to uncover Su-ho's identity as they pursue the death of Yeom Heung-jip. Ji-seong especially said meaningful words to Yun-hak, “I will pay more attention to your brother than to you.”

Meanwhile, Seok-jeong (played by Oh Eui-sik), who was selling goods at Myeongdogak, was shocked to learn that he was already dead and that he had a wife without his knowledge. At this time, when his mother Yoo Geum-ok (played by Kim Mi-kyung) appeared, he hurriedly hid himself, raising questions about how his identity would be revealed in the future. Yeo-hwa, who met Su-ho at Myeongdogak, tried to continue the story about the real culprit who killed Yeomheung-jip, but Su-ho blocked her and she fell into the labyrinth. At that moment, Seokjeong suddenly came in, and Suho hurriedly covered Yeohwa's face with a scarf. Suddenly, as the picture of Yeo-hwa being held in Su-ho's arms was completed, a strange current flowed between the two.

The meeting between Su-ho and King Lee So (played by Heo Jeong-do) was also depicted. Lee So, who called Su-ho to Sechaekbang through Yoon Hak, asked him about the death of Yeom Heung-jip. Lee So talked about the doubts he had 15 years ago when the previous king passed away, and also said that Yeomheungjip's death was related to the events of that day. Lee So warned him that he could be in danger if he became deeply involved in this matter, but Su-ho did not give up his convictions. In response, Lee So suggested, “How about you join us too?”, making people curious about future developments. At the end of the broadcast, Yeohwa faced another major crisis. Geum-ok, who had called Yeo-hwa to the shrine, was holding Su-ho's fan that Yeo-hwa had hidden in her hand, and Geum-ok was very angry and asked about the identity of the fan.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google