Kim Yun-jin reveals the story behind becoming a mother
Kim Yun-jin reveals the story behind becoming a mother
Kim Yun-jin, from the movie 'Dog Days', will appear on the live visible radio broadcast of KBS' 'It's a Good Day to Love, This is Lee Geum-hee' on the 31st at 7 PM.

'Dog Days' is a movie depicting the story of a newly born child who meets a special best friend and changes day by day among lonely people, including a successful architect, an MZ rider, a single man and a new father, and even a new father. Kim Yun-jin of the movie 'Dog Days', which was aimed at theaters during the Lunar New Year holiday with its lovely chemistry, innocent laughter, and pleasant afterglow, will appear on KBS Radio's 'It's Lee Geum-hee's Good Day to Love' at 7 PM today (31st).

In this broadcast, which will be held on a live visible radio, Kim Yun-jin will tell a variety of stories, from her thoughts on transforming into Jeong-ah, a new mother who is unfamiliar with everything in 'Dog Days', to a special filming site with dogs. In particular, as the program is loved by listeners for its comfortable and heartwarming broadcast that highlights the warm side of announcer Lee Geum-hee, it is expected to have a lovely chemistry with Kim Yun-jin, who will give a warm impression through 'Dog Days'.

‘Dog Days’ will be released on February 7th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google