Faker, reason for rejecting annual salary offer of 24.5 billion won
Faker, reason for rejecting annual salary offer of 24.5 billion won
Faker Lee Sang-hyuk revealed the reason why he rejected China's high salary offer.

In the JTBC entertainment show 'Knowing Brothers', which aired on the 27th, the leading players of the 2023 World Cup championship, professional gaming team T1 members Woo-jae 'Zeus' Choi, Hyun-jun 'Owner' Moon, Sang-hyuk 'Faker' Lee, Min-hyung 'Kumayushi' Lee, and Min-seok 'Keria' Ryu. Appeared.

Regarding the fact that all T1 members renewed their contracts on this day, Lee Jin-ho said, "It's a very famous story, but China offered Faker an annual salary of 24.5 billion won," and asked why he did not change jobs despite the high salary.

In response, Faker said, “Actually, I had a long-term contract (with T1).” The owner added, "Like Sanghyuk, my original contract was until next year. I like sports, so I thought it would be nice to have a multi-year contract for e-sports like (other) sports, so I signed a multi-year contract."

Zeus, who renewed his contract, said, "Actually, I was in a good mood because I won the championship and was MVP in the finals. I thought about looking back, but I still wanted to stay. Since I stayed, I am satisfied with appearing on 'Knowing Bros' like this."

Kumayushi and Keria also said, “I don’t think I originally thought about transferring because I was very loyal to T1,” and “I thought that even if another team paid me more, the merit of remaining in T1 was much more than worth the price.” Showed affection.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google