“Is Lee Seung-gi a singer?” Humiliation
“Is Lee Seung-gi a singer?” Humiliation
After 16 years of broadcasting, Choo Sung-hoon realizes that Lee Seung-gi is a singer.

MBN's entertainment show 'THE WILD' is a 'full-scale DIY adventure reality show' in which three 'wilders', Choo Seong-hoon, Jin Goo, and Bae Jeong-nam, plan their own expedition to a Canadian national park for the first time in Korea. In the last 3 broadcast, their friendship grew stronger after successfully completing an expedition to Banff National Park in Canada.

In the 4th episode of 'The Wild', which airs on the 26th, Choo Seong-hoon shocks Jin-goo and Bae Jeong-nam with his extreme 'no.know.not (a person who does not know the song)' aspect. While the 'Wilders' were driving a camping car and heading to their accommodation, Jin Goo's music selection began at Bae Jeong-nam's request. At this time, Jin-goo, who was carefully selecting music to suit the mood, said, “I should play Lee Seung-gi’s song,” and Choo Seong-hoon asked, “Lee Seung-gi sings?”, making his younger siblings embarrassed.

Moreover, Choo Seong-hoon, who was responding to his younger brothers' reply, "I'm originally a singer," by asking, "Aren't you an MC?", then heard Lee Seung-gi's voice and exclaimed with deep admiration, "Ah, you're good at singing!", making the camper car burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Jin-goo played a song and asked, “Would you like to guess who this voice is?” When Choo Sung-hoon couldn’t figure out who the voice was, he gave a hint, saying “Radio Star.” In response, Choo Seong-hoon proudly shouts “Kim Gura” and shows off his unexpected sense of entertainment, making his younger siblings fall into a frenzy. Attention is focused on who the identity of the singer whom Choo Sung-hoon misunderstood as Kim Gura is and whether Choo Sung-hoon will be able to escape from 'not knowing anything'.

Choo Sung-hoon, who arrived at Lake Louise, famous for its fantastic sunrise, is surrounded by female fans from various countries and shows off his popularity as a Korean Wave star. Women suddenly approached Choo Seong-hoon, who was waiting for the sunrise, and asked, “Are you Chu Sarang’s father?” As female fans said, “I love ‘Physical 100’ so much,” and Choo Sung-hoon’s shoulders rose, Jin-goo and Bae Jeong-nam next to him said, “It’s crazy, it’s crazy,” and their eyes are filled with envy and pride.

In response, Bae Jeong-nam storms into the mini fan meeting, saying, “I’m Chu Sarang’s uncle!” and Jin-gu also empathizes strongly, saying, “That’s right, right,” and turns into Chu Sarang’s uncles that Chu Sarang doesn’t know, making everyone laugh. Attention is being paid to what the mini fan meeting of all-rounder Choo Sung-hoon, who has been accepted from 'Shoodol' to 'Physical 100', will look like, and whether Jin-goo and Bae Jeong-nam will be able to win the hearts of female fans by becoming Chu Sarang's uncles.

The production team said, “Chu Sung-hoon, Jin-goo, and Bae Jeong-nam provide explosive fun in unexpected moments.” They added, “A story that will be healing even in brief scenes will unfold, so please look forward to it.”

‘The Wild’ airs every Friday at 10:30 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google