Brian begins construction of a 300 pyeong 3-story house
Brian begins construction of a 300 pyeong 3-story house
Singer Brian announced that he will begin construction of a country house on 300 pyeong of land.

MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' aired on the 25th. In 'Holmes', Brian and actress Hong Soo-hyun appeared as intern coordinators.

On this day's broadcast, five families dreaming of moving appeared as clients. Currently, the client's family lives in Incheon Metropolitan City, and the father, who works in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, said that the round trip to and from work alone takes four hours. The family said they decided to move to reduce the father's commuting time to and from work, and they hoped to live in the Hanam, Wirye, and Pangyo areas of Gyeonggi-do, where they could commute to work within an hour by car.

The family hoped for a structure with three rooms and two bathrooms, and that there would be elementary and middle schools within walking distance for the children. They also hoped for a park and various convenience facilities for dogs nearby. It was revealed that the budget can be up to 1.2 billion won if it is a lease or sale within 900 million won.

In the Bok team, Hong Soo-hyun and Jang Dong-min. Singer Brian appeared as the representative of Deok Team. Kim Sook introduced Brian, saying, “It is written as the cleaning king and read as Brian.” Brian said, “I’m doing a cleaning program (on YouTube). “I didn’t know I was crazy about cleaning,” he said. “I will soon become a country house owner.”

He continued, “It’s 7 minutes from where I live now. “Construction will begin in February and be completed in August,” he explained.

When asked about the land area, Brian said, “It is 296 pyeong. I personally delivered the house I drew. “I will see 3D for the first time tomorrow,” he said. “I will invite you later when it is over.” We're going to have a pool party. “The size of the swimming pool is about 20 pyeong,” he said, causing surprise.

Hong Soo-hyun was also a very neat owner. Hong Soo-hyun said, “I have a different field from Brian. While Brian is tidy because he hates dust, fingerprints, and germs, I focus on tidying up and throwing things away. “I tend to throw away everything by organizing,” he said, adding that the texture is different. Brian explained, “I want to live minimalistically, but I’m better at storing things than throwing them away.”

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google