‘Active King of Singers’ breaks highest viewer ratings for 8 consecutive weeks
‘Active King of Singers’ breaks highest viewer ratings for 8 consecutive weeks
MBN's entertainment show 'King of Active Singers', which made history by breaking its own highest viewer ratings for 8 consecutive weeks, is pushing the momentum of becoming the 'end of the upward trend' by exploding viewership ratings, views, and topicality.

The 9th episode of ‘King of Active Singer’, which aired on the 23rd, recorded the highest viewership rating of 16.4% and a nationwide viewership rating of 15.2%. It broke its own highest viewership rating for a whopping 8 consecutive episodes and continued its path of ranking first among all programs broadcast on Tuesday's terrestrial, comprehensive, and cable channels.

The number of simultaneous users of Naver Live, which was broadcast along with the main broadcast of 'Active Singer', exceeded 60,000, and the cumulative number of valid votes for the 'Public Support Voting', which is being held over a total of seven times, also showed overwhelming topicality, drawing an upward-sloping graph following the viewership ratings. boasted.

As proof of these viewership ratings, 'Active King of Singers' ranked 3rd in the non-drama TV search response in the third week of January, according to a survey conducted by the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute and announced by Good Data Corporation, an entertainment brand reputation and TV hotness research institute. Kim Da-hyun, Lin, and Jeon Yu-jin were ranked in the search keyword performer category, giving them a feeling of syndrome popularity.

In addition, the drama and entertainment integrated comprehensive response DB sector surveyed by the Korea Communications Commission's broadcasting content value information analysis system RACOI, Gallup Korea's broadcast video programs that Koreans like, and the domestic entertainment program trend index from Rankie Pie are among the top topical research institutes. He demonstrated the power to sweep the area.

The highest viewership rating for the 9th episode of ‘King of Active Singers’ on this day came from the scene where Lin and Byeolsarang, who chose ‘Korean Traditional Music Trot’, received reviews from the masters. Lin presented a 'professional stage' full of 23 years of experience with 'Han 500 Years', and Byeolsarang also gave goosebumps with 'Raise the Boat', in which she opened up all her organs and let out a sound. The masters applauded Rin and Byeolsarang, saying, “I could feel how much hard work they had to do,” and the two of them also recognized each other’s hard work and warmly comforted each other, which moved me to tears.

Meanwhile, the number of views on Lin's video for 'Han 500 Years' exceeded 500,000 views in just one day, demonstrating incredible power and reaffirming her reputation as the 'Queen of Views.' In addition, Kim Da-hyun and Jeon Yu-jin, who had a rare rivalry match comparable to Lin vs. Star Love, also had their videos for 'Sound the Music' and 'Namiga' respectively exceeding 500,000 views, with the three of them alone reaching a whopping 2 million views. It has proven to be the official view count cheat key for the ‘active king of singers’ in name and reality.

The songs sung by the 'King of Singers' contestants are receiving enthusiastic support from listeners of all ages and genders, providing a pleasant listening experience by being charted in real-time rankings and in the TOP 100 of Korea's representative music sites such as Melon, Bugs, and Genie. Expectations are high as to who will be the lucky 10 who will advance to the finals after a thrilling and intense semi-final.

On the other hand, Daesung, who helped Shigeru Matsuzaki, who participated as a special master in the semi-finals, simultaneously interpret the on-site situation and ensure a smooth progress, said, “Seeing the Trot genre taking over the major music charts, I can once again feel the box-office power of the ‘King of Singers’ singers.” Every time I share the stage with active performers, I also receive good stimulation. He expressed his wish, “I will speed up the work on the new song as soon as possible and bring joy to the viewers as singer Daesung.”

The production team said, “We feel overwhelming joy because the stage on which the active members gave their all is receiving a positive response from various sites, social media videos, and music sources,” and added, “We will work hard until the end to create a stage for the active members.” “Please look forward to the second round of the semifinals, which will be filled with not only the overflowing emotion conveyed by music, but also a twist that will catch viewers off guard.”

Episode 10 of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 30th.
Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google