Yoon Tae-jin and Bae Seong-jae dating rumors
Yoon Tae-jin and Bae Seong-jae dating rumors
Yoon Tae-jin reveals the reason for the dating rumor with Bae Sung-jae.

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 24th, will feature a special feature called 'Born to make a living' featuring Hong Hyun-hee, Yoon Hye-jin, Lee Jae-won, and Yoon Tae-jin.

Yoon Tae-jin, who went from being a member of the SBS radio station to becoming the youngest daughter of the MBC radio station, visits ‘Las’. Taejin Yoon revealed his current status as a DJ on MBC FM4U's 'Taejin Yoon's FM Date' since November 20 last year, meeting listeners every day from 8 to 10 p.m. When asked about the DJ's nickname given by listeners, he answered, "I have a nickname called Nami-chun, so I call him Chundi."

Yoon Tae-jin, who became a good candidate at the 80th National Chunhyang Contest in 2010 and laid the foundation for entering the broadcasting industry, revealed the story behind how he made a living as Chunhyang, saying, “I decided to take on the challenge because I wanted to at least help pay for my tuition.” Also, I was shocked when I saw the video of Yoon Tae-jin, who was said to be the oldest Chunhyang among the participants at the time of the competition, dancing. Yoon Tae-jin immediately showed a dance that he said he did to make Bae Seong-jae, who had a dry reaction no matter what he did, become king, making everyone burst into laughter.

He appeared as a guest on the SBS podcast 'Bae Sung-jae's Ten' for 7 years, and was embroiled in dating rumors with Bae Sung-jae at the beginning of his appearance. Yoon Tae-jin denied dating, saying, “Seongjae is the type of person who treats people he meets for the first time and treats them poorly when they are close,” to which Hong Hyun-hee was puzzled, saying, “I didn’t say that at all.” Yoon Tae-jin also revealed the behind-the-scenes story, saying that the nickname 'Nami-chun' was also born from 'Bae Seong-jae's Ten'.

Yoon Tae-jin, who made a living as Chunhyang, had no interest in broadcasting. The person who gave him the dream of becoming an announcer was Lee Geum-hee, a former KBS announcer and broadcaster. Taejin Yoon, who was selected as Chunhyang to appear on 'Morning Yard', noticed that Geumhee Lee had talent in broadcasting and suggested that she study to be an announcer. Although he hasn't been able to meet Lee Geum-hee since then, Yoon Tae-jin recently held a fan meeting, and Lee Geum-hee sent him a congratulatory video, saying he was surprised and expressed his gratitude.

On the other hand, the fact that Yoon Tae-jin is famous as a 'geek' is revealed, drawing attention. Taejin Yoon, who said, “I add strawberries to everything,” said he eats strawberries with red bean noodle soup, seaweed soup, and kimchi stew. On this day, when a 'mukbang' where raw fish was dipped in strawberry jam was held in the studio, Kim Gook-jin, the red pepper paste and soy sauce fan, was disgusted and laughed.

Yoon Tae-jin's dating rumor with Bae Seong-jae and his side as a eccentric can be confirmed on 'Radio Star', which airs at 10:30 pm on this day.

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