1% miracle ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ ends, “I was infinitely happy”
1% miracle ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ ends, “I was infinitely happy”
'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' celebrated 'Chuseok' in advance and ended its run with 70 episodes after completing a year and six months of challenges.

The last episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon', which aired on the 18th, aired a 'Chuseok Special' depicting the members celebrating Chuseok early. As the members' first mission, celebrating the full autumn, balloon pants appeared as a penalty along with the 'Autumn Song Quiz'. Hong Jin-kyung was once again selected for the balloon pants, and even the punishment ended up being a finale.

The second mission was a holiday nagging game called 'Conveyor Belt to Indangsu', where you had to listen to the affectionate nagging of your family to win the game. During this process, Jo Se-ho's mother said to the members, "I want to say thank you to the entire Hong Kim Dong-jeon team," and "It was my favorite program, but I'm so sad, and if I get the chance later, I want to buy something to eat." “Thanks to you, I was happy and had fun,” he said, making everyone cry.

Song Eun-i, who is like Joo Woo-jae's mother, Woo-young's mother, Hong Jin-kyung's mother, and Kim Sook's mother, said, "Then I will do 'Song Kim Marriage'" when asked if 'Bibo' could produce it. Lastly, 'Baldaeya', a game representing 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon', was played. The members, who had hoped to surpass 5cm even if the viewership rating could not reach 5%, were disappointed that they could not exceed 5cm in the end. However, it still provided plenty of laughter until the end.

'The Tale of Hong Kim Dong', which aired for 1 year and 6 months starting with 'The Tale of Hong Kim Dong Begins' on July 14, 2022, attracted attention for its track record of showing 'training to overcome fate', as its title suggests. The viewer ratings did not exceed the basic 1% range, except for 3% for the '1 Night 2 Days Special' that revealed Hong Jin-kyung's house, but BTS Jimin appeared in the 'Dangerous Invitation' episode and said, "I don't watch entertainment, but I only watch this." It aroused a lot of attention by certifying the number of loyal viewers, and it continued to attract attention day after day with entertainment programs that top stars visited first, such as Taeyang in the 'Hong Kim Entertainment Picnic' episode, Skiz in the 'Star Wars Star Wars' episode, and the entire 2PM group in 'Beast Idol VS Beasts' episode. .

However, the reason for the popularity of ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ was not the special guests. Rather, the special chemistry of the members of 'Hong Kim Dong Jeon Joo Woo Se Ho', who realized an equal 1/N entertainment without a single top, was the main factor that formed the fandom. The five-member group, consisting of Hong Jin-kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae, and Woo-young, centered on Hong Jin-kyung and Kim Sook's two older sisters, and the activities of the three 'older sisters' of Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae, and Woo-young led the topic in every episode.

Hong Jin-kyung, who celebrated her 30th debut anniversary, and Kim Sook, who truly shined in variety shows, did not spare a dress code that goes beyond imagination and body gags that do not disappear, and as the playgrounds opened by these older sisters pile up, the three younger brothers' sense of humor reaches a new high every time. went. This kind of chemistry also garnered attention when they debuted with producer Rado and the project group 'Unbalance' and promoted the song 'NEVER'.

The members' performance that exceeded the viewership ratings could not have been achieved without trust in the production team. The production team of 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' surprised members and viewers with clever and novel ideas in every episode. In the first episode, 'Vacation Special', Hong Jin-kyung found grandmother Kim Hak-sun of Namsan at the comfort women statue, which touched viewers' hearts. In episodes 15 and 40, 'Spoon Game Returns', the current generation's status is divided into those with no spoon and those with gold spoon. He succeeded in garnering sympathy from viewers by incorporating satire about it into the game, and was recognized for his quality by winning the 'TV Entertainment PD of the Month' award.

In addition, the 18th episode 'Following the Story' highlighted Beolgyo Girls' High School, which is in danger of closing due to a decrease in the number of students, the 22nd episode featured the 'Uijeongbu Traditional Market' to revitalize the local commercial district, and the 38th episode featured Ewha Womans University's 'Talk Busking'. The 67th episode moved the home theater by reexamining the concerns of the MZ generation and the story of their dedication to the country and people through 'The Tomb of the Late Lieutenant Yoo Jae-guk' and 'The Tomb of the Rich Patriots' related to Boramae Park and the National Cemetery.

The production team's outstanding wit shined throughout the program. The music video that followed each broadcast had the effect of a review by the production team connected to the main broadcast, such as Hwang Gyu-young's 'I Have No Problem' in the CSAT special, Brown Eyes' 'Already One Year' for the 1st anniversary special, and Sister's 'Shut Up' for Kim Sook's birthday. , Mr. Two's 'White Mirror' appeared in the field training 'Defeat the Jang of Cheongyang', and the sense of connecting the music video with the main story was outstanding, and in the 47th 'Scout' special feature, the names of minor ghosts who participated in the horror experience were revealed. It was announced through the credits and left a deep impression.

While these members and the production team became one and ran the race for 1 year and 6 months, the '1% Miracle' began with the viewers. Word of mouth, which spread through the early days of Bob Buddy, led to the formation of its own fan club, a fan cafe was formed on a portal site, and fans actively expressed their opinions by voluntarily taking steps to revive the program through truck advertisements. Even now that it has finally ended, petitions related to 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' continue on the viewer bulletin board, from posts opposing the show's ending to posts requesting season 2, proving the passionate love for the show.

As long as viewers' love continues, the challenge of 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' for 1 year and 6 months was not reckless. This is because viewers who support 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' are disproving that the comment, "'Hong Kim Dong-jeon' did a good job' is not a consolation to oneself.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google