‘Branding personality passive’ Romon, doesn’t shy away from struggle
‘Branding personality passive’ Romon, doesn’t shy away from struggle
The new MZ romance thriller drama 'Branding Personality Sudong', produced by LG U+'s 'STUDIO Let's go to

'Branding Inseongsu-dong (Planning: STUDIO X+U, Production: STUDIO 'So Eun-ho', played by Romon in 'Jeon Seon-young)', is the oldest intern at Seongsu Agency. So Eun-ho is a person who lived as a YOLO person but belatedly entered the job market and joined Seongsu Agency, and adheres to the value of doing sincere marketing. Because of this, she clashes with Kang Na-eon (played by Kim Ji-eun), the head of the marketing team, a 'workaholic' who will do her best to achieve success. Meanwhile, he unexpectedly kisses Na-eon and gets caught up in an incident that changes his soul.

The still cut from 'Branding Personality Passive' released on the 17th shows So Eun-ho, who does not hesitate to fight to protect the values she believes are right. So Eun-ho, who was captured at a protest site, shows her 'clear-eyed' side with sparkling eyes even in a situation where she is confronting someone, making you feel that she is doing her best. He also showed off his casual style, more like a mountain climber than an office worker, showing off his free-spirited personality as a YOLO member who enjoyed surfing and traveling around the world. However, in another still cut, she stole all eyes with her cool and cute appearance as well as her stunning suit, as befits the 'cutie' representing Seongsu Agency. Attention is focused on what kind of events Romon, who has completely transformed into the role of 'passionate intern' So Eun-ho, will unfold.

The office romance thriller drama 'Branding Personality Sudong', which depicts what happens when the souls of a 'workaholic team leader' and an 'MZ intern' who could never get along with each other are switched with a single kiss, will be released on U+ Mobile TV on February 5th. Is expected.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google