'I'm Solo' 18th member's extreme anger incident: "Don't get noticed, stay somewhere."
'I'm Solo' 18th member's extreme anger incident: "Don't get noticed, stay somewhere."
MC Defconn of 'I'm SOLO' is extremely angry at single men's date choices.

In the SBS Plus and ENA entertainment show 'I Am SOLO', which will be aired on the 17th (today), 3 MCs Defconn, Lee Yi-kyung, and Song Hae-na will show the unexpected date choices of single men who are behind the scenes as a group.

On this day, the 18th class of single men and women return to the 'Metasequoia Forest' in Yeongdeok, where the unprecedented '6th choice' took place, and begin choosing a new date. Couples are matched in such a way that when single women walk down a forest path one by one, single men who want to date single women follow behind them.

After a while, as the solo men made their choices, the 3 MCs expressed surprise and sighs. Lee Yi-kyung, who saw a solo man's unexpected choice, exclaimed, “Wait a minute!” and Song Hae-na was shocked, saying, “Great pumpkin!”

Despite the choice of another single man, the 3MCs burst into ‘gradation anger’. As soon as he saw the single woman walking down the forest path, 3MC got extremely nervous and stamped his feet, saying, “We’re in big trouble.” Finally, when a single man who has feelings for this single woman shows signs of choosing her, Defcon gets angry and shouts, “Don’t go!” He continued, “If it were me, I wouldn’t talk to this single girl today and I would just stay somewhere. “Don’t stand out,” he advises. However, this single man tries to choose this single woman with confidence, and Defcon dissuades the single man from his choice until the end, saying, “Just turn around and hide behind the tree.”

Despite the strong shouts of the 3MC, this single man follows the single woman, and Lee Yi-kyung is frustrated, saying, “Oh my, what is this!” Song Hae-na sobs, covering her face with both hands. Defconn also said, “You should listen to your brother. “I told you not to go!” he roars. Attention is focused on the unexpected choices of the 18th class of solo men who overly engrossed the 3 MCs.

The full story of 3MC's extreme anger incident can be found on 'I am SOLO', which airs at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google