Shin Se-kyung "It was fun to dress up as a man, I was able to focus on taking care of Jo Jung-seok"
Shin Se-kyung "It was fun to dress up as a man, I was able to focus on taking care of Jo Jung-seok"
Actress Shin Se-kyung spoke about her acting chemistry with Jo Jung-seok.

On the 16th, a production presentation for tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Sejak, The Bewitched' was held at the Sindorim Ramada Hotel in Sindorim-dong, Seoul. Writer Kim Seon-deok and actors Jo Jung-seok, Shin Se-kyung, Lee Shin-young, Park Ye-young, Jang Young-nam, and Lee Gyu-hoe attended the event.

'Sejak' is a melodrama historical drama depicting the cruel fate of King Lee In (played by Jo Jung-seok), who holds a high position but has a lowly heart, and the woman who becomes Sejak (a spy) to bring him down. It is a 100% fiction play based on imagination.

Shin Se-kyung takes on the role of Kang Hee-soo, who becomes a king in order to overthrow the king, and takes on the challenge of playing her first cross-dressing female character. Shin Se-kyung said of her character, "She is a baduk genius. She can't play baduk in the body of a woman in the Joseon Dynasty, so she goes around in the body of a man. She is a strong woman who always achieves what she wants, but she becomes endangered when she meets Lee In and falls in love." did.

When asked if she learned Baduk for her character, Shin Se-kyung said, "I didn't know how to play Baduk, so I thought about learning. It's a deeper and more fun game than I thought, so it was difficult to learn the rules in a short time. So I learned how to place Baduk stones to look like an expert." “It was a very enjoyable experience to dress up as a man,” he said.

Jo Jung-seok said about his melodrama chemistry with Shin Se-kyung, "It was so good. I had told people around me for a long time that I really wanted to work with an actress named Shin Se-kyung. I was so happy when I heard that we were working together, but when we actually tried it, our chemistry was so good that it was almost nagging. “He said.

Shin Se-kyung said, "In the beginning, when Hee-su is in the process of falling in love, there are some light and soft scenes. In the mid-to-late half, the emotional conflict intensifies. I had a lot of worries while acting, but senior Jo Jung-seok was so considerate and respectful on set. “I was able to focus only on acting. I had a lot of fun on the way to the filming set. I was confident that I would be able to finish the film happily with my senior,” he said.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google