Na In-woo completely got a makeover with just one word from Park Min-young.
Na In-woo completely got a makeover with just one word from Park Min-young.
Na In-woo's transformation that everyone has been waiting for unfolds.

In the 5th episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband', which will be aired on the 15th, the romance index will be further increased with the makeover of Yu Ji-hyuk (played by Na In-woo) following Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young).

Previously, Yoo Ji-hyuk had been wearing his hair up and wearing horn-rimmed glasses, which clearly revealed his principled and cool-headed personality. However, Kang Ji-won noticed something unexpected when he saw Yoo Ji-hyuk's bare face and smiling face without glasses, which he thought was just a scary-looking boss, and later recommended contact lenses.

Therefore, Yoo Ji-hyuk took off his glasses after hearing Kang Ji-won's words, but his style remained the same. Kang Ji-won, who felt people's changed attitudes after undergoing a dramatic transformation from head to toe, recommended to Yoo Ji-hyuk, "It would be better if you change your fashion." Accordingly, viewers' reactions to Yoo Ji-hyuk's character's makeover are soaring. Yoo Ji-hyuk finally appears in a new form amidst the accelerating progress towards Kang Ji-won.

In the released photo, Yoo Ji-hyuk is attracting the attention of the entire office with his dazzling visuals, completely eliminating the stiff and rough atmosphere he had before. Not only does he take off his glasses, but he also has a naturally set hairstyle and an ideal suit fit, giving off a sophisticated charm and a relaxed atmosphere.

In particular, Yoo Ji-hyuk, who proudly stands in front of Kang Ji-won with a different look, is making even the viewers excited with his soft smile and honey-filled eyes. As he has been reborn as a manager who is hard to find in reality, expectations are even higher for Yoo Ji-hyuk's performance, which will color the second episode of Kang Ji-won's life in pink.

The 5th episode of 'Marry My Husband', which will feature Na In-woo's passionate performance with a romantic mood, will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 15th due to the on-site broadcast of the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google