“I will live without seeing you for the rest of my life” Yui says goodbye to her mother and returns to Hajun’s parents
“I will live without seeing you for the rest of my life” Yui says goodbye to her mother and returns to Hajun’s parents
Ha-jun was furious when he learned that his uncle, Kim Gyu-cheol, was a prime suspect who may have killed his parents. As he shouted to his cousin Go Joo-won, “Did your uncle kill my father?” his bloody eyes exploded the tension.

In the 32nd episode of KBS2's weekend drama 'Hyosim, Each Life', which aired on the 13th, Tae-ho (played by Ha Jun) visited the detective who was in charge of investigating his parents' Daegwallyeong crash accident again. “I am not Chief Kang Tae-ho, but the poor son of the victims who lost their lives in that accident,” he said to the detective who was preparing to leave the cafe he was already running. “I am a child who wants to know the truth about my parents’ death,” he said, finally persuading me to tell him the truth.

Among them, Hyo-shim (Yui) was embarrassed by her mother, Seon-sun (played by Yoon Mi-ra), who even revealed her snobbish nature to Tae-ho, who came to her house to ask for formal permission. Above all, I couldn't bear the cold treatment of Taeho, who called me pretty and comforted me whenever I was having a hard time, even though I didn't even know how to decorate myself because I only wore sportswear every day and worked hard. In response, he said to Seon-sun, “You are making someone’s son suffer. “I won’t get married and I won’t see my mom for the rest of my life, so don’t look for me,” he shouted and ran out of the house.

To Hyo-shim, who was upset and said, “I won’t get married as long as my mother is here,” Tae-ho held out his hand, saying, “Don’t you trust me?” And then, he became a reliable hill to lean on, saying that he could maintain a balanced relationship between Hyosim and Seon-sun. Then, at the request to “come out looking pretty,” Hyosim, who put on makeup and dressed up for the first time in a long time, was taken to a gallery founded by her father and headed by her mother. In the place where his parents’ spirits reside, Taeho said, “There are people who protect me too. “Please relax,” he said to his parents in heaven. Hyosim looked at Taeho heartbreakingly, who must have been struggling and lonely after losing his parents.

Taeho received a phone call while he was on his way to drop Hyo-shim off after seeing his parents with his beloved girlfriend. It was the detective who visited the other day. He confessed that on the day of the accident, there was a car passing along Vice Chairman Kang Jun-beom's car at the Daegwallyeong entrance toll gate, and it was Chairman Kang Jin-beom's (Kim Gyu-cheol) car, so he was the most likely suspect at that time. There was also a request not to look for him anymore.

Unable to hold back his boiling anger, Tae-ho went to visit his cousin, Tae-min (Go Joo-won). He then expressed his anger in an exasperated voice, saying, “Did your uncle kill my father?” Taemin stiffened coldly at the fact that Taeho found out the secret he wanted to keep hidden until the end, and Taeho glared at him as if he were going to kill him. There was tension between the two brothers who were facing each other tightly.

Myeong-hee (played by Jeong Young-sook), who saw her grandson Tae-ho, who had become a lover with Hyo-shim, in front of the Uicheon villa, decided that she could no longer remain hidden. Accordingly, Sook-hyang (Lee Hwi-hyang) called her close associates Director Jeong and Madam Seo to the charnel house where she disguised herself as dead. He then persuaded the directors and instructed them that if necessary, they could reveal the fact that he was alive. He was determined to protect his grandchildren who were being used to steal company money. Myung-hee, who began to move quietly, aroused curiosity about what kind of impact it would have on Taesanga.

Episode 33 of ‘Hyosim, Each Life’ will be aired today (14th) at 8:05 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google