Medalists who became police officers appear in ‘Good Boy’, Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun
Medalists who became police officers appear in ‘Good Boy’, Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun
Actors Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun appear in the JTBC drama 'Good Boy'.

'Good Boy' is a comical action youth investigative drama in which medalists who became police officers as a special Olympic recruit wear police ID cards around their necks instead of medals and fight against a world rife with unscrupulousness and foul play. Director Shim Na-yeon, who directed the dramas 'Bad Mom', 'Monster', and 'Moment of Eighteen', and writer Lee Dae-il, who wrote 'Aide', 'Life on Mars', and 'Let's Fight, Ghost', worked together.

Actor Park Bo-gum played the role of Yoon Dong-ju, a police officer from the special team who went from being an Olympic boxing gold medalist to becoming a police officer as a special Olympic recruit. With his natural determination and fists, he becomes an Olympic hero, but after experiencing setbacks, he begins a second life as a police officer.

Actress Kim So-hyun plays the role of Ji Hanna, an Olympic shooting gold medalist and shooting goddess with outstanding beauty. However, due to an incident that shocked the world, he quit shooting and became a police officer.

The production team said, “Good Boy is a pleasant and refreshing story about people who were Olympic heroes leaving the ground where there were rules and fighting against violent crimes that are rife with unconscionability and foul play. The story of heroes who fight against injustice with each of their own stories is made more authentic. “Please look forward to the synergy between actors Park Bo-gum and Kim So-hyun.”

JTBC drama ‘Good Boy’ will be broadcast in the second half of 2024.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee Ha-neul translated by google