'Solo Hell 3' PD "I didn't know Jo Min-ji's helicopter tears would have such a big impact"
'Solo Hell 3' PD "I didn't know Jo Min-ji's helicopter tears would have such a big impact"
The producer of 'Solo Hell 3' revealed his thoughts on catfish Jo Min-ji.

On the 11th, PD Kim Jae-won and Kim Jeong-hyeon met with Ten Asia at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul and told various stories about the Netflix entertainment show 'SoloGy 3'.

'Solo Hell 3', which ended on the 9th, is an honest and hot dating reality show for singles that takes place on 'Hell Island', a remote island where only couples can go out. In Season 3, the final four couples were born: Choi Hye-sun, Lee Kwan-hee, Ahn Min-young, Lee Jin-seok, Kim Gyu-ri, Park Min-gyu, and Yoo Si-eun and Choi Min-woo.

The catfish of ‘Solo Hell 3’ was Jo Min-ji. In episode 9, Jo Min-ji shed tears while trying to talk to Lee Kwan-hee, not her date Park Min-gyu, on a helicopter leaving for Heaven.

Producer Kim Jeong-hyeon said, "I was on the helicopter at the time and didn't know there was such a situation going on behind the scenes. When I went to the editing room, I was surprised to see something like that recorded, so I edited it out. I didn't know it would have such a big impact. I didn't know there would be such a big negative reaction. "I thought it was honest and funny. I actually thought the scene where he wipes his tears on Min-gyu's shirt had a big impact, and I didn't think much about his actions toward Kwan-hee."

Producer Kim Jae-won also added, "I thought it was common to shed tears because of a rejection gesture in a dating program, and I thought it was funny that Min-gyu was so kind. Because you can't predict everything."

Regarding the reason why he chose Jo Min-ji as the main character, he said, "I was confident that he would not be discouraged even if he came in late because he was so friendly," and expressed his gratitude, "I think he had a great influence on the story by approaching me quickly and friendly as expected."

When Lee Kwan-hee and I were on Heaven's Road, she appeared in sexy pajamas and attracted attention. PD Kim Jeong-hyeon laughed, saying, "I was surprised even on set. I said I would change my clothes and come back, but they said they were pajamas." Producer Kim Jae-won said, "I think it's cute. In the end, we're seeing the interaction between a man and a woman, right? I think it's Minji's cute flirting, and since it's 'Solo Hell', I think it's a possible TPO."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google