“Watch the news and study” Ivy takes a public sniper at Narsha
“Watch the news and study” Ivy takes a public sniper at Narsha
Ivy from 'Playing With Sister' throws a fastball at Narsha saying, "Watch the news and study", making the sisters 'freak out'.

In the 7th episode of E Channel/Channel S's 'Playing Sister', which airs at 8:40 pm on the 9th (Tuesday), the second part of the New Year's 'Partner Special' continues, and the 'Playing Sister' team of Chae-rina ' and guests Trudy

On this day, both teams will determine the ‘best brain’ through the ‘Playing Golden Bell’ mission. Comedian Choi Seong-min appeared in 'Playing Sister' following 'Playing Sister' and became the quiz host amidst the welcome of the sisters. Before the quiz started, he said, "There was a rumor that Chae Ri-na would be the weakest in 'Golden Bell' because her bag strap is short." He provokes the late Chae Rina. Then, Chae Rina coolly admits, “The bag strap is so short that it is called a hand bag these days,” making everyone burst into laughter. However, Chae Rina strengthens her motivation, saying, “As expectations are low, I will show a twist today.”

As the quiz begins in earnest, Chae Ri-na reveals her 'foolish side' and is scolded by her younger siblings. To the four-character idiom meaning ‘killing two birds by throwing one stone,’ the answer is ‘one hit, two kills,’ and the scene is devastated. In the end, Chae Rina even got the title of the song she sang wrong, and was pointed out as the 'hole' of the 'Playing Sister Team'.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hye plays the role of 'brain' by making use of her experience studying abroad in Australia for 2 years and 6 months and performing very well in the quiz to complete English words. However, in the 'Capital of France' question, which was expected to be passed by all, an unimaginably wrong answer was given, causing goosebumps. On the other hand, Ivy is the only survivor of the 'Playing Sister Team' right before 'Resurrection Battle' and shows off her presence against the 'Partner Team'. In response, Choi Seong-min asks, “What do you think of people who get (problems) wrong?” Ivy immediately looks at Narsha and throws a fastball, saying, “Let’s watch the news and study!” After Narsha said, “Yes, I understand,” as if stabbed, she couldn’t raise her head, causing ‘laughter’.

Lee Ji-hye's performance, which reveals an unexpected aspect of her brain, and the brain battle between the sisters and their partners, which is full of 'incorrect answers beyond imagination', will be seen in the 7th episode of 'Playing Sister' on E Channel and Channel S, broadcast at 8:40 pm on the 9th (Tuesday). You can check it.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google