Na-rae Park and Sook Kim leave ‘I Like Food on Saturdays’
Na-rae Park and Sook Kim leave ‘I Like Food on Saturdays’
T-Cast E Channel's entertainment show 'I Like Food on Saturdays (Director Lee Young-sik)' announced a surprise reorganization.

At the end of episode 105, which aired on the 6th, 'I Like Food on Saturdays' (hereinafter referred to as 'I Like Food on Saturdays') surprisingly released a trailer showing the first meeting between existing members Hyun Joo-yeop and Hi-Bap and new members Lee Dae-ho and Park Gwang-jae.

In the released trailer, former athletes Lee Dae-ho and Park Gwang-jae appeared and attracted attention. Lee Dae-ho, the ‘No. 4 hitter of the Joseon Dynasty,’ a man who swept not only the KBO but also the Major League and became a legend in the baseball world. And Park Gwang-jae, a close friend of Tobap's reliable leader Hyun Joo-yeop, a junior in the basketball world and a foodie dreamer, provides a sense of reassurance just by their presence.

Lee Dae-ho and Park Gwang-jae, fellow athletes brought in by Hyun Joo-yeop himself, are expected to show a comfortable chemistry like uncle and nephew with the youngest Hibab. Hibab, Tobap's youngest member and a heavenly eater, raised expectations by saying, "Today's meeting is a gathering of people who eat the best, including everyone I met recently." Meanwhile, Kim Sook and Park Na-rae, who joined as new members following the reorganization last July, will leave after about six months.

‘I Like Rice on Saturdays’, which will return even more deliciously with new members, can be found on the Teacast E channel at 5 pm on the 27th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google