Lee Eun-mi of 'Golden Girls' and Hye-in of New Genes form 'Maknaez'
Lee Eun-mi of 'Golden Girls' and Hye-in of New Genes form 'Maknaez'
Lee Eun-mi, the youngest member of 'Golden Girls', meets Hye-in of 'New Jeans', a popular girl group with similar tastes, and forms 'Maknaez'.

KBS2's entertainment show 'Golden Girls' is the diva debut project of Korea's top god-level vocalists with 155 years of experience, led by producer Park Jin-young and consisting of Insooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi.

Today (29th) in the 8th episode of 'Golden Girls', 'Golden Girls' meets the popular girl group 'New Jeans' as their first overseas expansion is depicted. In particular, Lee Eun-mi, 57 years old, the youngest member of 'Golden Girls', and 15-year-old Hyein, the youngest member of 'New Jeans', are expected to bring laughter by forming the 'Maknaez', showing that they have similar tastes.

The 'Golden Girls', who met the popular girl group 'New Jeans', are very excited. 'Golden Girls', who have proudly established themselves as a popular 5th generation girl group by winning the Rookie Award at the KBS 'Entertainment Awards', set out to make girl group friends by exchanging information on hot items and the difficulties they face as a popular girl group with 'New Jeans'. In particular, after seeing the rabbit necklace that symbolizes 'New Jeans', Insooni said with envy, "It's so pretty," and then said to the members, "Let's at least make a pig necklace," making them laugh by exploding their greed for the item.

In particular, 'Golden Girls' youngest member Lee Eun-mi forms 'Maknaez' with 'New Jeans' Hye-in. Eun-mi Lee greeted Hye-in by saying, “I am the 57-year-old youngest member of ‘Golden Girls,’” and Hye-in introduced herself by saying, “I am the youngest member of ‘New Genes’, 15 years old.” She also commented on Eun-mi Lee’s unique pose by saying, “I am the youngest member who is full of charisma.” I admire it. In addition, Lee Eun-mi is said to have shared her tastes wholeheartedly when looking at Hye-in's butterfly bag, saying, "It was so pretty that I almost coveted it." Above all, Hyein immediately created a signature pose for the junior girl group 'Golden Girls' and gave it to them as a gift, saying, "Because it's the 'Golden Girls', it feels sparkly." She received a lot of attention from the 'Golden Girls'.

Meanwhile, 'Golden Girls' will hold a group greeting ceremony with senior idols 'SHINee' and 'Stray Kids'. 'SHINee' was momentarily taken aback by the military-strengthening greeting of the 'Golden Girls', who have a combined career of 155 years, but soon responded with their signature greeting and burst into laughter.

‘Golden Girls’ has a total of 12 episodes and airs every Friday at 10 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google