Hong Jin-kyung reveals the truth about ‘assets of 87 billion won’
Hong Jin-kyung reveals the truth about ‘assets of 87 billion won’
CEO and broadcaster Hong Jin-kyung, who has surpassed 310 billion won in cumulative sales through her kimchi business, explained her wealth of 87 billion won.

The 67th episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'Hong Kim Dong-jeon', which aired on the 28th, featured Hong Jin-kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo-jae, and Jang Woo-young, who transformed into 'secret agents' of HIS (Hk Intelligence Service), which is made up of elite agents.

At the opening of the day, Jo Se-ho bowed his head and said, "I would like to slightly apologize at this point. To make it fun for our entertainment, we called out Hong Jin-kyung's fortune, but I think it's getting too much news coverage." Previously, the members created rumors such as “Hong Jin-kyung has 500 million won in her wallet” and “her assets are 87 billion won.”

In response, Kim Sook suggested to Hong Jin-kyung, "Tell me the exact amount. How much is it?" Hong Jin-kyung was embarrassed and said, "Do you want me to reveal the exact amount of wealth?" Then, she said, "Then let's reveal each person one by one. I can't be the only one to reveal it."

When Kim Sook said, "We have nothing to talk about," Hong Jin-kyung revealed, "Why don't we have something to talk about? My sister is the richest." Hong Jin-kyung then said, "I went to a real estate lecture with Sook last week. I was really surprised. I heard about the size of her wealth." Kim Sook was confused and said, "I didn't say anything. Jin-kyung is handing over (the character) to me."

In the end, Jo Se-ho tried to go into rumor-making mode, saying, "How can I make something right now?", but Hong Jin-kyung silenced him by saying, "No, don't do that. Let's stop now." When Kim Sook said, “Please correct the rumor,” Jo Se-ho said, “First of all, ‘Hong Jin-kyung lives harder every day than anyone else.’
Hong Jin-kyung reveals the truth about ‘assets of 87 billion won’
Hong Jin-kyung reveals the truth about ‘assets of 87 billion won’
On this day, the members who transformed into secret agents were divided into two teams and performed important missions for the peace and safety of the country. The first mission was to perform one hidden mission per person at the same time as cooking without being noticed by the opposing team.

Hong Jin-kyung, who had to shed tears, began to catch Kim Sook's emotions, and Kim Sook, who noticed the mission, quickly followed suit and began a sabotage operation. However, Hong Jin-kyung looked at Kim Sook and said, “Seeing my sister’s face brings tears to my eyes. “When will we meet again?” he indirectly mentioned the news of the cancellation of the ‘Hong Kim Dong-jeon’ program in January.

Hong Jin-kyung then said, “I’m going to miss you a lot. How can I live because I miss you so much?” Kim Sook, trying to stop her tears, said, “I’ll go to your house often,” and “Let’s all meet Se-ho and go shopping on the weekend,” making Hong Jin-kyung laugh. . In the end, Hong Jin-kyung succeeded in the mission, shedding tears on her own.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google