'I'm Solo' 18th season, "dishonest choices" from the first date
'I'm Solo' 18th season, "dishonest choices" from the first date
'I'm SOLO' The 18th generation is heating up from the first date selection.

In the SBS Plus and ENA entertainment show 'I Am SOLO', which airs on the 27th (today), the first date selection of 'Solo Country 18' will be selected.

While the aftermath of single women's '6th first impression' rocked 'Solo Country 18th Street', on this day, the 18th group started a full-fledged romance with 'First Date Selection'. First date selection is done by single women standing next to the single men they like.

At this time, the 3 MCs, Defconn, Song Hae-na, and Lee Yi-kyung, who confirmed Han Solo's choice, opened their mouths as a group, saying, "Huh?" and "Really?" Also, after hearing the reason why the single woman made a twisted choice, Defcon expressed regret, saying, “I made a dishonest choice.”

On the other hand, on a first date that ends after many twists and turns, there are many couples who have sparks from the start. One couple is 'surprised' by their fateful coincidence of tastes that go down in everything they talk about, including food and favorite travel destinations, while a single woman expresses her strong desire for marriage, the 'destination of love,' saying, "I don't mind getting married after meeting for three months." Lee Yi-kyung is happy about the two people's 'deep pink' date, saying, "They look very comfortable."

Another couple also shocked the 3MCs with their heaven-sent unity of taste, from lifestyle to health issues, and Defconn stuck his tongue out at the sight of the two getting along so well, saying, “They have very similar tendencies.” Attention is focused on the romance landscape of 'Solo Country 18th Street', which is starting to hit the accelerator in earnest.

The first date selection results for 'Solo Country 18' will be revealed on 'I am SOLO', which airs at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google