Master and crew create a legendary stage in the finals of 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2'
Master and crew create a legendary stage in the finals of 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2'
In the finals of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2', the master and crew reach the peak of their growth narrative on the legendary stage.

The long-awaited final of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2 (hereinafter referred to as Sgirlpa 2)' will be broadcast live at 10 pm on the 26th. Team 1 Million, Team Hook, Team Jam Republic, and Team Mannequin are expected to compete fiercely on the final stage, the final gateway to becoming a world-class teenage dance crew. The final mission is conducted over a total of two rounds, and the final winning team is created as a result of the combined evaluation of the two stages.

The first round of the final is the ‘Sgirlpa with Master’ mission with the team master. From team selection to 1vs1 performance match-up missions and girl group choreography creation missions, the growth narrative of the master and crew, which has been solidly accumulated over the years, is expected to reach its peak with an unprecedented performance in the finals.

Previously, in the last 5 broadcasts where the semi-finals were held, several legendary stages were born, including Team 1 Million's 'Monster', Team Hook's 'I AM', and Team Jam Republic's 'UNFORGIVEN'. I ordered it. Not only did it achieve the No. 1 ranking across all channels for male and female teenagers, but it also demonstrated a strong response from viewers by significantly increasing viewer ratings with a household average of 1.1% and a peak of 1.6% (AGB Nielsen metropolitan area, paid basis).

The growth narrative of the master and crew who led the legendary stage cannot be left out as the main driving force of popularity. This season, which has expanded the range of applicants regardless of individual, crew, or nationality, provides differentiated fun by infusing a narrative of growth with masters along with the process of forming a new team. The narrative between the Master and Crew, which has become stronger through each mission, led the legendary stage in the last 5 episodes, and is expected to reach the peak of chemistry and narrative by showing an all-time stage with the Master appearing in the final.

'Sgirlpa 2''s unique dancer evaluation system, which is different from the existing method, is also a point to watch that leads to favorable reviews from viewers. This season, the master evaluation system was eliminated and a new evaluation method was introduced that consisted of dancers as an audience, creating more tension and drawing more attention to the final rankings.

As curiosity soars over who will be the winning team that will win the crown of 'Sgirlpa 2', each team member showed their solemn determination. Team 1Million's In-Jeong Yoon said, "Team 1Million is the winner anyway. I don't remember all the other teams' performances, so I will only make our team's performances memorable." Team Hook's Lee Ga-hyeon and Song Da-bin left their aspirations, saying, "'Sgirl Party 2' is Team Hook's drama," and "We will win first place and cause a rebellion," respectively. Team Jam Republic's Park Eun-woo said, "I am confident that we will win. We will bring a stage that no other team will ever see," and Team Mannequin's Lee Na-ra said, "If anything, Team Mannequin will be first place."

The final stage of Mnet's 'Street Dance Girls Fighter 2', where the 'World Class Teenage Dance Crew' will be born, will be broadcast live at 10 PM on the 26th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google