Lee Moo-saeng calls out Jeon Hyun-moo for being “really foolish”
Lee Moo-saeng calls out Jeon Hyun-moo for being “really foolish”
Actor Lee Moo-saeng will be appearing on a talk show for the first time in his life.

The SBS entertainment show 'Strong Heart VS', which airs today (19th), will feature a special feature called 'Lump of desire VS lump of abstinence'. On this day's broadcast, actor 'Lee Moo-saeng', who is called 'Lee Moo-Saint Laurent' for his excellent acting, 'Brian', who is attracting attention as a 'cleaning fanatic', 'Sean', a national donor on the run, 'Cho Woo-jong', a small-room announcer, and 'Julian' who returned as a vegan representative. ' is appearing.

While everyone's attention was focused on the first talk show appearance of Lee Moo-saeng, who received attention for his strong acting in dramas such as 'The Glory' and 'The World of the Married', Lee Moo-saeng, who looked somewhat nervous, said from the beginning that he was far from 'desire'. Make your position clear and draw attention.

But that's only for a moment. Lee Moo-saeng achieves triple publicity by mentioning the currently airing drama 'Maestra' and the upcoming movies 'Noryang: Sea of Death' and 'Citizen Deok-hee', revealing his burning desire for box office success. It is said that his desire for publicity continued despite the MCs' threats that "you have to pay for this level of publicity," so expectations are growing for a different side of Lee Moo-saeng that has not been seen before.

Lee Moo-saeng shocks everyone by revealing an episode where he had to adjust the bathroom timing while filming the movie 'Noryang: Sea of Death'. Lee Moo-saeng explained the situation in which he had difficulty moving around because he was wearing thick armor that weighed a whopping 30 kg, and revealed the behind-the-scenes story of having once had a crisis due to the bathroom. He jokingly said, “It helped me a lot with my charismatic acting,” making the scene burst into laughter. .

In addition, Lee Moo-saeng appeared very embarrassed when Jeon Hyun-moo asked who was the best partner in 'The World of the Married: Kim Hee-ae VS Maestra Lee Young-ae'. For the first time in 'Strong Heart VS', he announced a boycott of answers and made the audience burst into laughter by telling MC Jeon Hyun-moo, "This is a really stupid question."

After persistent questions from the MCs, Lee Moo-saeng said that he chose the best partner and left a surprising word, earning everyone's recognition and admiration. Attention is focused on who Lee Moo-saeng will choose.

Lee Moo-saeng's unexpected charm can be seen on 'Strong Heart VS', which airs at 10:20 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google