Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk kiss, confirming each other's feelings
Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk kiss, confirming each other's feelings
Lee Se-young and Bae In-hyuk confirmed their feelings for each other in MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Veign Woman Park's Contract Marriage'.

The 7th episode of 'Veolent Woman Park's Contract Marriage', which aired on the 15th, recorded 8.7% nationwide, 8.9% in the metropolitan area, and 2.4% in the 2049 viewership rating based on Nielsen Korea, ranking first in its time slot as well as first among Friday-Saturday dramas. In particular, the highest viewership rating per minute soared to 11.1% in the scene where Kang Tae-ha (played by Bae In-hyuk) meets Cheon Myeong (played by Lee Young-jin) and sees a welcome from the Joseon Dynasty.

On this day's broadcast, Park Yeon-woo (Lee Se-young) and Kang Tae-ha (Bae In-hyuk) shared each other's pain and successfully completed the 1st anniversary exhibition event.

In the play, Kang Tae-ha confesses to Park Yeon-woo that his mother died due to Min Hye-sook (played by Jin-kyung) in the annex where he collapsed, and that a big rock has formed in his heart since that day. Park Yeon-woo said to Kang Tae-ha, “I’ll take that rock out for you.” I. Although he solemnly strengthened his resolve by saying, “I will do whatever it takes in this life,” Kang Tae-ha coolly drew the line, saying, “Because I am not Park Yeon-woo’s wife.” In response, Park Yeon-woo revealed the story of her husband's sudden death on the first night of the wedding and expressed her worries that fate would repeat itself, but Kang Tae-ha responded firmly, saying that he did not believe in fate.

The next day, Kang Tae-ha visited the museum to find out information about Park Yeon-woo, who was said to have come from Joseon, and was greatly shocked after hearing the record that Park Yeon-woo had been given a 'virtuous woman's queen' from Joseon. At the same time, Park Yeon-woo met Sa-wol (played by Joo Hyun-young) and told her that Kang Tae-ha, who had the same fate as the Joseon master, could be in danger, but Sa-wol, who felt ominous, advised Park Yeon-woo to pretend not to know. Park Yeon-woo, who had been silent, unconsciously answered Sa-wol's question about whether she liked Kang Tae-ha by saying, "I like him," and then tried to deny her feelings by saying, "I like that con man?" On the other hand, Kang Tae-ha, who recognized his feelings for Park Yeon-woo, received dating advice from Hong Seong-pyo (Jo Bok-rae) and worked hard to win Park Yeon-woo's heart by preparing chocolate gifts.

Afterwards, Park Yeon-woo met Min Hye-sook and had a conversation about Kang Tae-ha's trauma, but he got angry at Min Hye-sook's shameless attitude and stood up. And at this time, Kang Tae-ha appeared and said to Min Hye-sook, “Look forward to it. After declaring war, “It will be different from before,” he left the scene with Park Yeon-woo. The two walked down the street, and when Park Yeon-woo almost bumped into someone, Kang Tae-ha pulled him and said, “Stay next to me.” “Don’t miss a single moment,” he urged. Park Yeon-woo, who was momentarily excited, pushed Kang Tae-ha away, saying, "If anyone hears, I'll think you like me," but Kang Tae-ha confessed straight up, "I like you," leaving Park Yeon-woo confused.

Meanwhile, Park Yeon-woo and Kang Tae-ha were locked in one room by Sawol and Hong Seong-pyo, who collaborated to connect the two. However, just as the two were about to engage in skinship in a strange atmosphere, Hong Seong-pyo suddenly came in and the relationship between the two became awkward. Afterwards, Hong Seong-pyo told Kang Tae-ha that there was a problem with the 1st anniversary exhibition event, and Park Yeon-woo was put in an emergency situation where she had to make clothes again. As noise erupted ahead of the 1st anniversary exhibition event, grandfather Kang Sang-mo (played by Cheon Ho-jin) pressured Kang Tae-ha to withdraw from the event and also urged Park Yeon-woo to quit. However, Kang Tae-ha strongly confronted Kang Sang-mo, saying, “Neither I nor Park Yeon-woo will give up on the 1st anniversary event,” and Park Yeon-woo even worked all night to successfully create the finale costume.

However, on the day of the 1st anniversary exhibition event, an incident occurred where Park Yeon-woo's finale costume was torn, and Park Yeon-woo, who was in confusion, tried to give up her costume to proceed with the event, but at Tae-ha Kang's encouragement, she did her best for 30 minutes and made the finale costume. , Fortunately, the 1st anniversary exhibition event was successfully concluded by showing off all the costumes.

The last scene of the day showed Park Yeon-woo conveying his feelings to Kang Tae-ha, who was trying to draw a line again. After Kang Tae-ha saw the welcome of Park Yeon-woo and Joseon Seo-bang due to the sudden appearance of Cheon Myeong (played by Lee Young-jin), he said to Park Yeon-woo, “I wanted to pretend not to know until the end. He delivered a cold confession, saying, “I’m afraid that Yeonwoo Park will find traces of that person in me.” However, Park Yeon-woo said to Kang Tae-ha, “What I’m seeing is not someone’s traces, but you. Tae-ha Kang expressed his sincere feelings, saying, “You are the first person who changed my fate,” and Tae-ha Kang, who was moved by this, approached Yeon-woo Park and gave her a deep kiss.

Episode 8 of ‘Mr. Park’s Contract Marriage’ will be aired at 9:50 PM on the 16th (today).

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