Gian84 manufactures liquor made from moldy tangerines
Gian84 manufactures liquor made from moldy tangerines
Kian 84 was captured transforming into 'Boy in Luv 84' and making 'Tangerine-soaked liquor'. The recipe for 'Kian Liquor', a great recipe that does not require measuring or even if mold spreads on the ingredients, is expected to make people laugh.

In MBC's entertainment show 'I Live Alone', which airs today (8th), Kian 84 is shown making tangerine liquor for the first time in his life.

Gian84, who became hungry after self-interiorizing 'Kian House', made beef ramen porridge using the frozen beef left over from making fried rice when he was a single mother (staying alone in a motel) last summer. While making ramen porridge, he recalled the ramen porridge tip that Daeho Kim of ‘Daeho 84’ said, and said, “What do you know?” “That friend has a lot more to learn from me,” he snorts, making people wonder why.

Kian84 watched a program where Code Kunst was serving as a judge while inhaling beef ramen porridge. Without realizing it, he was delighted with the appearance of Code Kunst, saying, “My ears came out!” Kian84's overflowing love for the 'rainbow family' creates warmth.

After eating, Kian84 started cleaning the living room. He starts cleaning the worn-out sofa and the massage chair that has been around for four years. In order to get rid of the stubborn grime, Gian grits his teeth and wipes his teeth, using everything from a nose towel to disinfecting kaoliang liquor according to his stream of consciousness. It stimulates curiosity about how Kian's furniture, which has been exposed to the passage of time, has changed.

Meanwhile, the sight of Kian84 taking out a box of tangerines and making tangerine liquor is expected to shock everyone. The tangerines were sent to me by my mother, who lives in Jeju Island, for the employees to eat, but they were not eaten for a long time and were full of mold. Gian84 said, “I feel sorry for my mom (if I don’t eat it),” and said, “I looked for fruit that looked good in the mold, washed it, and made the soaked liquor as I wanted.”

In particular, Kian is said to have made Gianju according to his feeling without a recipe, without measuring, or without boiling or sterilizing it, and his process of making tangerine liquor is expected to bring a lot of laughter.

The appearance of Kian84's tangerine soaked liquor can be seen through 'I Live Alone', which airs at 11:10 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google