Hyojung Lee, lost to Dex
Hyojung Lee, lost to Dex
Actress Lee Hyo-jung makes her Dex fan wife angry.

Lee Hyo-jung's story of entering a cultural center will be depicted in KBS2's entertainment show 'Men Who Do Housework Season 2' (hereinafter referred to as 'Salimnam'), which will be aired on the 6th.

On this day, Lee Hyo-jung decides to visit the cultural center for her granddaughter Seo-ah. Lee Hyo-jeong takes it upon herself to apply for classes at the cultural center, which is not easy even for young people, but fails to do so for various reasons, such as the number of students being closed and not being eligible for application, so she asks her wife for help.

While his wife, Kim Mi-ran, is watching her favorite Dex video intently, Lee Hyo-jung keeps coming to her and asking questions, and she finally explodes, saying, "Why are you doing something you don't do before?" Another story that makes Kim Mi-ran angry at Lee Hyo-jung's misfortune is revealed, and Lee Hyo-jung sweats out the explanation.

Hyojeong Lee, who succeeded in registering for the class after much effort, is the only grandfather among parents at the cultural center and takes infant gymnastics classes and one-day ballet classes with her granddaughter Seo-ah. Hyojung Lee looks awkward and shy among the many mothers, but she soon adapts and participates eagerly in class.

In particular, it is said that during ballet class, unlike other flexible mothers, she was unable to use her body due to her stiff body and protruding stomach, causing laughter.

Lee Hyo-jeong, a charismatic actress with 43 years of experience,'s daily life with a twist about her 'granddaughter's fool' will be revealed on 'Salimnam', which airs at 9:45 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google