JYP Entertainment to build a new 10,000 pyeong building
JYP Entertainment to build a new 10,000 pyeong building
JYP Entertainment head and singer Park Jin-young confesses his sincere feelings towards Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk as a 'big brother'. Even though he is second in the industry after Hive, he is raising expectations as everyone is said to have been impressed by Park Jin-young's true 'great person' mentality, saying, "I feel at ease."

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be broadcast on the 6th, will feature a special 'Golden Singers' featuring Park Jin-young, Kim Beom-soo, Kim Wan-sun, and Park Mi-kyung. The talk of four music industry legends is raising expectations.

Singer Park Jin-young, who recently released a new song 'Changed Man', visits 'Las' for the first time in three years ahead of the year-end concert. He recently attracted attention by appearing with Bang Si-hyuk on tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block', and made people laugh by saying, "I couldn't promote my new song properly on 'You Quiz', so I came out on 'Las' to properly promote my new song."

Park Jin-young revealed that he discovered the parallel theory between Kim Gura and Bang Si-hyuk, saying, “I can’t control my facial expressions, and my blood type is O.” In particular, Kim Gura strongly refutes Park Jin-young's claim that he cannot look others in the eye and talk like Bang Si-hyuk, saying, "No." However, as soon as the words are finished, he acts according to Park Jin-young's analysis, causing laughter.
JYP Entertainment to build a new 10,000 pyeong building
JYP Entertainment to build a new 10,000 pyeong building
Regarding the fact that Hive, led by his younger brother Bang Si-hyuk, became number one in the industry, Park Jin-young impressed everyone by revealing his brother's sincerity, saying, "It would be even more heartbreaking if Si-hyuk said things didn't work out." Rather, he said, “(JYP) briefly took first place, but I feel at ease now that they are in second place. “I think second place is just right,” he said, drawing attention as he put aside his greed.

Park Jin-young revealed JYP's final goal, saying, "A gradual upward trend is better than first place," and raised expectations by saying that he plans to build a new JYP Center with a total floor area of 10,000 pyeong in Godeok-dong. Park Jin-young attracts attention by showing a dreamy appearance, saying, “JYP’s new headquarters will be a space that brings out the most creativity in the world.”

Meanwhile, the dizzying story of how Park Jin-young almost debuted under the stage name 'Park Jin-gam' instead of Park Jin-young, since he was a trainee with Park Mi-kyung and Kang Won-rae with the goal of debuting in a mixed group, is also revealed, causing laughter. He also confessed that he inherited his DNA from his maternal grandfather, saying, “My maternal grandfather was born with drinking and singing,” and bursts out laughing as he reveals the words his maternal grandmother, who had been devastated by her maternal grandfather, left before her death.

When Park Jin-young was told that he was collaborating with singer Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) to form a girl group, he said, "Ji-hoon's daughter also has a lot of talent," drawing attention. When Byeong Jin-young revealed his plan to "raise my four daughters well (and create a girl group)" for his two daughters, Rain and Kim Tae-hee's two daughters, Kim Kook-jin amplified curiosity by asking, "So are you each living as a trainee?" Rumor has it that he ordered it.

‘Radio Star’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 6th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google