'I'm Solo' 12th class Youngsu re-enters solo guesthouse after transformation with furry hair
'I'm Solo' 12th class Youngsu re-enters solo guesthouse after transformation with furry hair
The ‘recent dating status’ of the 12th generation solo trio of ‘I am SOLO’ will be revealed in detail.

In the SBS Plus and ENA entertainment show 'I am SOLO, and then love continues' (hereinafter referred to as 'Nasol Sagye'), which airs on the 30th (today), he re-enters 'Solo Bed and Breakfast' following 'Solo Country' in search of 'true love'. A new romantic journey begins for a trio of 12th generation singles.

Previously, in the trailer for 'Nasol Four Seasons', the 12th class Yeongsu, Yeongsik, and Yeongcheol, who entered the 'Solo B&B', appeared. On this day, the trio, who were born solo, made a welcome appearance for the first time in a long time since 'Solo Country 12th Street' and revealed their romantic history. In particular, Yeongsoo, the 'academy instructor' who made a hit with the phrase "Don't talk about me," caught everyone's attention by transforming into a cute, fluffy but long hairstyle.

However, in contrast to their upgraded visuals, the trio of original soloists, including Yeongsu, reveal their bitter love life, making even 3 MCs Defconn, Jo Hyun-ah, and Kyungri feel sad. First of all, a former solo male said, “There was no particular change (after the broadcast). “I am still single from birth,” he said calmly, and another man who was single from birth said, “There has been no change as desired. We went on a few blind dates, but they didn't turn into lovers. “I’m still officially single,” he says, bowing his head. However, this single man said, “That’s how I looked, I became a bit self-objective,” and “It’s difficult.” “I came back to get after-sales service,” he said, revealing his determination to be reborn through ‘Solo B&B’.

Another man who was single from birth also said in an interview with the production team, “I am still single from birth. He says in sorrow, “I have nothing to say,” but upon hearing this, Defconn sincerely encourages him, saying, “I didn’t commit a crime.” However, this originally single man said, “I received 2 to 3 DMs every day on social media. “At that time, I said thank you, but I refused to meet them all,” he said, adding, “I was a little scared when he contacted me saying he was my ideal type,” and confessed an episode in which he even blocked a woman from coming, making the 3 MCs frustrated.

Meanwhile, Gwangsu of the 12th class once again makes a surprise appearance as a cheerleader for the three people who dream of 'escaping from birth alone'. Gwangsu shouts to the three people to fight, saying, “I look forward to meeting a good partner.”

The third episode of 'Solo Bed and Breakfast', where the unexpected romance of 'three people born solo' will unfold, can be seen on 'I am SOLO, and then the love continues', which airs at 10:30 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google