Gummy “I fell in love with Jo Jung-seok’s manly appearance”
Gummy “I fell in love with Jo Jung-seok’s manly appearance”
Singer Gummy reveals her love story with her husband Jo Jung-seok.

National treasure ballader Kim Beom-soo and Gummy will appear on the SBS entertainment show 'Single for Men with Shoes Off', which will be aired on the 28th.

When luxury balladers Kim Beom-su and Gummy appear, we first take time to look back on their musical achievements. Kim Bum-soo, who was on the Billboard before PSY and BTS, had to be interviewed from the side and the sad story of his outburst was revealed, making everyone burst into laughter. In addition, the queen of OST, Gummy, surprised everyone by revealing that the combined viewership rating of the dramas she has participated in so far is well over 150%.

Next, Kim Beom-soo, who has not been rumored to be dating for over 20 years, will reveal his secret relationship secrets and unexpected love methods. He, who is said to turn into a charming person whenever he is in a relationship, surprises everyone by revealing in front of his lover, “My tongue becomes as short as that of a newborn.” Also, when he is single, he complains of terminal symptoms of delusional disease, saying that he gets excited even if the opposite sex treats him even a little well, leaving the scene devastated with laughter.

Gummy said, “This is the first time I’ve told a story like this on broadcast,” and revealed for the first time on air an anecdote about how she fell in love with Jo Jung-seok’s manly appearance from the moment she and her husband, Jo Jung-seok, confirmed their feelings for each other when they were dating, raising the excitement of ‘Single for Men’. It is said that it caused jealousy and made people laugh.

A duet song contest was also held in the corner of the room between Beomsu Kim, Gummy, and ‘Single For Men’. Following the perfect duet stage by luxury balladers, 'Single for Men' is said to have shocked Kim Beom-soo and Gummy with its unpredictable song selection and amazing chemistry, making them a sea of laughter, raising expectations.

Monster vocalist Kim Beom-soo, Gummy, and Tiki Taka of 'Single for Men' can be seen on 'Take Off Your Shoes, Single for Men', which airs at 9 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google