‘I’m Solo’ 17th season was in chaos
‘I’m Solo’ 17th season was in chaos
The 17th episode of ‘I’m SOLO’ becomes chaos with the ‘Super Date Ticket’.

In the SBS Plus and ENA entertainment show 'I Am SOLO', which will be broadcast on the 22nd, the romance landscape of 'Solo Country 17th Street', which has become more desperate due to the 'Super Date Ticket Mission', will be revealed.

On this day, single men and women enter various missions for the ‘super date ticket.’ Before the start of the beauty contest, one solo man expressed his determination by saying, “I really want a super date ticket,” while another solo man was worried that “Korea is going to match Brazil once without Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in,” but said, “I will get a super date ticket.” “I can create my own destiny with my own hands,” he clenched his fists. Single women also show their obsession for the ‘super date ticket.’ A single woman expressed her desperation by saying, “I have to go on a date with OO now,” and then showed all her fighting spirit in the mission.

After all the missions are over, the '17th Solonara' is filled with joy and sorrow over the direction of the 'Super Date Ticket'. One single man said, “I need to send a telepathy message,” and desperately hoped that the single woman who is his ‘number one pick’ would write him a ‘super date ticket.’ Another single man said, “If you have a pick, you should go and ask her to write it.” “You have to be as appealing as possible,” he advises to everyone.

Afterwards, a single man advanced to the women’s dormitory and said, “I came to appeal (to ask them to use me a ‘super date ticket’).” “Please give us your valuable vote,” he courageously says. However, he misunderstands the other person by saying, “I hope you make the best choice,” to a single woman other than his number one pick. MC Defcon, who saw this, was immediately dizzy and said, “That’s a mistake.” In fact, the single woman who heard this drew attention as she said, "I feel like I got hit, but it's fun, isn't it?" and showed no displeasure.

The messy love line of 'Solo Country 17th Street' created by 'Super Date Ticket' can be seen on 'I am SOLO', which airs at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google