'Divorce from Jo Yoon-hee' Lee Dong-gun shed tears
'Divorce from Jo Yoon-hee' Lee Dong-gun shed tears
Actor Lee Dong-gun meets his best friend of 14 years, Kim Ji-seok, and shows off their bickering chemistry.

On this day, Lee Dong-gun goes bike shopping with Kim Ji-seok, his former bike mate. Lee Dong-gun is famous as a motorcycle enthusiast, so much so that he played the motorcycle scene in the drama 'Lovers in Paris' without a double. Lee Dong-gun, who was looking at the motorcycle, made a bombshell remark, “I’m going to buy a bike today,” and Lee Dong-gun’s mother, who was watching this, became angry at her son’s remark, saying it was dangerous. Lee Dong-gun, who found a bike he likes, looks happier than ever and shows his will to buy it. However, Lee Dong-gun's mother exploded at the price of a whopping 55 million won, saying, "I'd rather drink alcohol than a bike," so attention is focused on whether Lee Dong-gun bought the ultra-expensive bike he was so fond of.

An uncontrollable war of revelations unfolds between best friends Lee Dong-gun and Kim Ji-seok. Starting with “Lee Dong-gun’s house smells like a widower,” Kim Ji-seok begins to reveal the secrets that Lee Dong-gun wants to hide, such as dark circles and gray hair. Not to be outdone, Lee Dong-gun exposes Kim Ji-seok's prostate issue, and an angry Kim Ji-seok retorts, "Does your brother know about my prostate?"

Kim Ji-seok then surprises Dong-gun's mother by confessing that Lee Dong-gun shed tears in front of him. Kim Ji-seok, who saw Lee Dong-gun's sudden tears, said, “It was my first time seeing my brother cry. “I felt sorry for my brother,” he said, expressing his regret for Lee Dong-gun. When Kim Ji-seok says, “My brother has a lot of likes and dislikes,” Lee Dong-gun agrees, “He has a lot of dislikes (about me),” revealing his honest feelings that made him shed tears in front of Kim Ji-seok. It is said that Dong Gun's mother, who was watching this, was heartbroken as she heard her son's story for the first time.

Lee Dong-gun and Kim Ji-seok's 14-year 'true friend' chemistry can be seen in 'My Little Old Boy', which airs at 9:05 pm on the 19th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google