KBS Monday-Tuesday dramas have been experiencing declining viewership ratings throughout the year... Will Park Ji-hoon revive ‘Fantasy Sonata’?
KBS Monday-Tuesday dramas have been experiencing declining viewership ratings throughout the year... Will Park Ji-hoon revive ‘Fantasy Sonata’?
The script reading scene for 'Fantasy Sonata', which will kick off the new year in a grand manner, has been revealed.

KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata' (written by Yoon Kyeong-ah / directed by Lee Jeong-seop / produced by Monster Union and Fantagio), scheduled to be broadcast for the first time in January next year, is about a man with two conflicting personalities and the woman who loves him, crossing between fresh love and extreme obsession. This fantasy historical drama romance is based on the popular webtoon of the same name.

The turbulent and heartbreaking love triangle between a prince with two personalities and a concubine who is faced with an inevitable choice is expected to bring a unique excitement to the small screen.

At the script reading site, all the production crew and actors who will lead ‘Fantasy Sonata’ gathered together. Writer Kyung-ah Yoon and director Jeong-seop Lee, who will create a high-quality work, as well as Ji-hoon Park (as Sajo Hyeon/Ak-hee), Ye-ji Hong (as Yeon-wol/Gye-ra), Hwang Hee (as Yung Sa-jo), and Ji-woo (Geum-hwa) will capture the attention of viewers with their fantastic acting chemistry. role), Kim Dong-won (playing Yang Jae-i), Kim Tae-woo (playing Sajo Seung), Woo Hyeon (playing Neungnae-gwan), Kang Shin-il (playing Jin Mu-dal), Hwang Seok-jeong (playing Chungta), and Woo Hee-jin (playing Cheongmyeongbi) in a poignant historical drama that has never been seen before. It heralded the birth of fantasy romance.

Once the full-fledged script reading began, the actors quickly immersed themselves in their roles and exploded with fantastic synergy befitting the drama's title. It is said that the smiles and laughter on the actors' faces continued while the script reading was in progress.

First, Park Ji-hoon, who attempted to play two roles for the first time by playing the roles of 'Sajo-hyeon' and 'Ak-hee', who have two personalities, impressed everyone by perfectly executing each and every element that expresses the character, such as voice, eyes, gestures, and facial expressions. Hong Ye-ji, the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty and an assassin-turned-concubine, also boasted an amazing synchronization with Yeon-wol, who had a turbulent life, and showed off her diverse charms without filtering. While the two bickered, they foreshadowed a fateful love triangle and announced the beginning of a breathtaking bloody love story that will heat up the first half of next year.

Hwang Hee takes on the role of Sajo Yung, known as Sajo Hyeon's (Park Ji-hoon) half-brother. He transformed into a palace sweet guy who attracts people with his warm emotions and portrayed a three-dimensional character. Ji-woo, who plays the role of Crown Princess Geum-hwa, who goes to any lengths to satisfy her desires, is also completely immersed in the complex inner character where good and evil coexist, raising expectations for the role that Ji-woo will play as 'Geum-hwa'.

In addition, Kim Dong-won, Kim Tae-woo, Woo Hyun, Kang Shin-il, Hwang Seok-jeong, and Woo Hee-jin added dramatic richness to the drama with unique performances reminiscent of actual filming. They are expected to increase dramatic immersion by delivering passionate performances with trustworthy acting.

The 'Fantasy Sonata' script reading site signaled a pleasant start with the harmonious combination of the young actors' spirit and the chemistry of actors boasting deep acting skills. In particular, the special narrative of the main character with a dual personality, director Lee Jeong-seop's sensuous direction, and writer Yoon Kyeong-ah's exciting and solid script stimulated the curiosity of prospective viewers to see how it would unfold in the broadcast, raising interest in the drama vertically.

KBS 2TV's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which is expected to feature an unconventional yet heartbreaking historical romance between actors, is scheduled to premiere in January next year as a follow-up to 'Wedding Battle'.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google