Even the king turned away... Namgoong Min, a grand operation to rescue the remaining prisoners in Shenyang
Even the king turned away... Namgoong Min, a grand operation to rescue the remaining prisoners in Shenyang
‘Lover’ Namgoong Min takes risks for the Joseon prisoners of war.

Lee Jang-hyeon (played by Namgoong Min), the male protagonist of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Lovers' (planned by Hong Seok-woo, directed by Kim Seong-yong, Lee Han-joon, Cheon Su-jin, written by Hwang Jin-young), is an extremely attractive man with not only intelligence and masculine beauty, but also a strong narrative and a genuine love for one woman. This attractive Lee Jang-hyun character met with Korea's best actor Namgoong Min and demonstrated unprecedented synergy, bringing about the 'Lee Jang-hyun Syndrome' on the small screen in the second half of 2023.

Among the points that Jang-Hyun Lee captured the hearts of viewers, one that cannot be left out is his strong will to protect his precious people. Even when the Manchu War broke out, Lee Jang-hyeon said he would not participate in the volunteer army, but he saved the Joseon people who were in danger from the barbarians. When he stayed in Shenyang of the Qing Dynasty with Crown Prince Sohyeon (played by Kim Moo-jun), he did whatever he could to save the Joseon prisoners who were treated worse than animals.

And Lee Jang-hyun's feelings are expected to shine again in the 18th episode of 'Lovers', which will be aired on the 10th. Lee Jang-hyeon was unable to accompany Crown Prince So-hyeon on his return home, so he once again stepped up to help the Korean prisoners of war who remained in Shenyang. In this process, Lee Jang-hyun's strong loyalty stands out and is expected to knock on the hearts of viewers.

In the photo released by the production team of 'Lovers', Lee Jang-hyun is leading the Korean prisoners along with Yang-eum (played by Kim Yun-woo) and Gu-jam (played by Park Kang-seop) on a dark night. As if some kind of crisis had befallen them, Lee Jang-hyeon stood at the front with Liang-eum and Gu-jam, trying to protect the prisoners. Through Lee Jang-hyun's sharp, sparkling eyes, you can guess that the situation is not unusual. What happened to Lee Jang-hyun? Will Lee Jang-hyun be able to protect the Korean prisoners? What will happen to his love with Yoo Gil-chae?

In relation to this, the production team of 'Lovers' said, "In episode 18, which airs today (10th), Lee Jang-hyun takes risks to protect Korean prisoners of war whom even the king has ignored, and to fulfill their wish to return to their hometown. Precious people. The inability to shake off the Joseon people is the point that most clearly shows the character of Lee Jang-hyeon. Actor Namgoong Min completed the scene with a passionate performance that left you exclaiming, ‘As expected!’ and perfectly expressed Lee Jang-hyun’s sincerity.”

What will Lee Jang-hyun do to rescue the Joseon prisoners? Can Lee Jang-hyun survive in that danger? What will be the fate of Lee Jang-hyun and Yoo Gil-chae, who have confirmed their love? All of this can be seen in episode 18 of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Lovers', which airs at 9:50 pm on Friday the 10th.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google