UDT Jeong Jong-hyun breaks his neck... American Ian, with great strength and shooting skills
UDT Jeong Jong-hyun breaks his neck... American Ian, with great strength and shooting skills
In 'Steel Force 3', the U.S. Special Forces not only 'obtained benefits' for Ian, but also carried out a 'drug eradication operation' with overwhelming speed, exciting viewers.

In the 8th episode of Channel A and ENA's 'Steel Unit 3', which aired on the 7th, the fierce battle between the U.S. Special Forces and HID, which entered the 'drug eradication operation' during the semifinal tournament, was vividly unfolded. While the U.S. Special Forces horrified the MC corps by sweeping the mission site at lightning speed, HID showed a 180-degree difference by striking according to a detailed strategy, drawing extreme attention to the outcome of the confrontation between the two units.

Previously, UDT, 707, HID, and the US Special Forces held a pre-mission 'Trench Fight - Tire Flag Battle' with the enormous benefit of 'the right to decide on the semi-finals' ahead of the semi-finals tournament. Among them, UDT and U.S. Special Forces faced off in the '4v4 Flag Battle', the final of 'Trench Fight'. The members of the two units engaged in a fierce ‘man-to-man’ battle as soon as the whistle sounded. In particular, when Jeong Jong-hyun and Ian faced each other, MC Kim Hee-cheol was immersed in the match, saying, “King vs. King!”

However, at this time, Kim Gyeong-baek took advantage of the opportunity and quickly pulled out the flag of the U.S. Special Forces. In response, Ian also pushed Jeong Jong-hyun, who was holding his leg, to escape and took the UDT flag. With one UDT and one U.S. Special Forces flag remaining, Ian again put pressure on Jeong Jong-hyun from above. On the other hand, Lee Jeong-jun pushed Kaz hard right in front of the flag, but in the end, Lee An took the flag before Lee Jeong-jun, and the U.S. Special Forces took the benefit.

When the bloody ‘trench battle’ ended, Master Youngjae Choi announced to the four units, “The missions for the semifinal tournament are ‘clearance operation’ and ‘supply march.’” After a long meeting, the U.S. Special Forces who received the 'Benefit' announced the mission and battle line they had chosen. The U.S. Special Forces said, “We chose ‘clearance operation,’” and called HID as the opponent they would face together. In a situation where it was almost like being singled out as the weakest, HID team leader Kang Min-ho smiled bitterly, saying, “I expected (that they would point out us), but I don’t feel good.” On the other hand, 707, who competed with UDT in a ‘supply march’, smiled confidently, saying, “It’s an opportunity!”

As darkness fell, HID and U.S. Special Forces gathered at the enormous port. To them, Youngjae Choi said, “The name of the mission is ‘Operation Drug Clearance.’ Victory or loss is determined by the number of gunshot wounds without time attack. However, if you cannot complete it within the 20-minute time limit, you will be disqualified.” The U.S. Special Forces began the mission with ‘Bulldozer’ Will as the point man (leader). Will went on as everyone expected, defeating many of the opposing forces. In the end, he quickly entered the engine room alone and eliminated the 'opposition boss'. However, Ian shook his head at Will's 'speed battle', saying, "There is a slight difference in the strategies of the Navy Seals and Green Berets."

Additionally, the crew climbed onto a crane 50 meters above the ground to execute an additional mission using 'Time Attack'. However, the moment Kaz, who was in the lead, entered the inside of the crane, he became the target of concentrated attacks from the opposing force and the opposing force boss, causing a shock. The studio MCs who saw this said, “Ah! “I got shot!” he said sadly. Afterwards, the crew ran to the container section, annihilated the opposing forces in just 30 seconds and opened a passage.

Finally, the crew secured drug evidence and ran to the finish line. However, a mysterious vehicle appeared, opposing forces poured in, and an unprecedented battle broke out. The crew quickly and accurately eliminated the opposing forces and reached the finish line. After the mission, team leader Kaz said, “We did well. What's disappointing is that it was a bit rushed. “I’m worried about gunshot wounds,” he said honestly. With the U.S. Special Forces' 'drug eradication operation' concluded, MC Kim Seong-joo said about the opposing force boss who surprised with his outstanding skills, "Season 1 Special Forces ace Park Do-hyun, Season 2 winning unit member Special Forces Oh Sang-young, and Season 1 winning unit member UDT Kim Min-jun." He added, “It was a surprise.”

Next, HID launched a ‘drug eradication operation.’ HID moved quickly yet carefully, annihilating the opposing forces. HID, mindful of gunshot wounds, entered using silver and cover, and the MCs widened their eyes, saying, “The style is completely different from the U.S. Special Forces.” However, as soon as Park Ji-yu and Lee Dong-gyu entered the inside of the crane to execute the 'additional mission', the hidden opposing force came out and fired at them. Lee Dong-gyu also fired back, but suddenly fell down, shocking everyone. At this time, when the boss of the opposing force appeared, Kim Seong-ju expressed his sense of urgency, saying, “If this continues, (Lee Dong-gyu) may get hit again and again!”

With the broadcast ending like this and expectations for the next broadcast rising, viewers asked, “Wow.. what happened to Lee Dong-gyu? “My heart is completely broken”, “As expected, the frontman is important! “I saw a lot of Will and Lee Dong-gyu, and I think they got shot a lot.”, “I really put a lot of effort into watching it today. How can I wait for next week’s episode?”, “‘Trench Ian’ is born! There was enthusiastic feedback such as “It looks like a steamed hexagon.”

Channel A and ENA's 'Steel Unit 3', which expanded the worldview with 'The Strongest Autobiography of All Time', airs every Tuesday at 10:30 pm.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google