Kim Hyeong-geun's mother "I never thought I had a good relationship with my daughter-in-law."
Kim Hyeong-geun's mother "I never thought I had a good relationship with my daughter-in-law."
In the SBS entertainment show 'Same Bed, Different Dreams Season 2 - You Are My Destiny' (hereinafter referred to as 'Same Bed, Different Dreams 2'), which airs on the 23rd, Jeong and his family are depicted visiting their in-laws in Busan.

An unusual atmosphere is captured in the 'Pot Couple' couple Jeong I-rang and Kim Hyeong-geun. Jeong Yi-rang, who arrived at Busan Station to visit her in-laws, expressed her dissatisfaction with Kim Hyeong-geun, who created an uncomfortable situation both physically and mentally, saying, "Can't you just come here comfortably when your in-laws come?" Hearing this, Kim Hyeong-geun turns the studio upside down by condescendingly saying, “How good is my mom to you?” It raises questions about what is the cause of the conflict that brought the pot couple to a boil as soon as they arrived in Busan.

On this day, Jeong Yi-rang and Kim Hyeong-geun meet with their mother-in-law, a ramen craftsman from 'Master of Life'. Kim Hyeong-geun and Jeong Yi-rang, who tasted their mother's ramen that passed down their cooking DNA to '7 store CEO' Kim Hyeong-geun, did not spare a harsh evaluation of the taste as experts, and the studio was shocked, saying, "It's too pointed out," and "I thought it was Baek Jong-won." do. In response, Kim Hyeong-geun's mother angrily reveals the business plan she and her son are secretly planning, saying that running a ramen shop has become difficult recently. Jeong Yi-rang, who heard this, said, “This is my first time hearing this.” Attention is focused on the business plans of Kim Hyeong-geun, a 'master of life' mother and 'restaurant industry CEO' who surprised everyone by saying that her husband did not consult with me.

Jeong Irang continued his tense conversation with his mother-in-law. Jeong Irang’s mother-in-law said, “We get along well. Although he boasts of his compatibility with his daughter-in-law, saying, “A match made in heaven,” he quickly makes a surprise revelation, saying, “I never thought I had a good relationship with my daughter-in-law,” making people laugh by showing emotional changes on the same roller-coaster level as the ‘pot couple.’ Accordingly, it is said that the daughter-in-law Jeong and her mother-in-law also engaged in an unpredictable truth battle.

The all-time war of words between 'pot lover' Jeong Yi-rang and her mother-in-law can be seen on 'Same Bed, Different Dreams', which airs today. This day's broadcast will be broadcast at 10:40 PM due to the professional baseball semi-playoff broadcast.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter
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