Park Na-rae, first love's dark history "I went to the bathroom while watching 'Avatar 1' and didn't come back"
Park Na-rae, first love's dark history "I went to the bathroom while watching 'Avatar 1' and didn't come back"
While eating raw mango shaved ice, Park Na-rae brings up the heartbreaking memory of her first love and becomes absorbed in memories.

‘I Like Rice on Saturdays’, which will be aired on the T-Cast E channel on the 14th, will feature the Busan episode of Hippo Tour, continuing from last week.

We came to Busan, the paradise of fresh seafood, but thanks to our meat-eating guide Hippo, Tobabs couldn't even see raw fish. After finishing both the first and second meals with meat, he appears resigned as he moves to the third restaurant.

Tobabs members, who listened to Hyun Joo-yeop's taste review without any expectations, are enthusiastic when they hear the word 'raw mango shaved ice' that can be enjoyed any time, 365 days a year. All members are amazed at the thought of tasting shaved ice made with 100% mango, from snowflake ice to mango puree.

The Tobabs members move around excitedly at the thought of refreshing their stomachs, which are heavy and burdened with meat, with mango. Na-rae Park and Hibab, who are riding in the back seat, cannot hide their joy while singing the hymn 'Infinite Juyeopgyo'.

The Tobabs members, who have their share of shaved ice in front of them, fill their mouths with mango snowflakes hidden under the delicious mango and burst into laughter.

In particular, Park Na-rae said, "It tastes like a first love that disappeared without a trace," and "When I was watching the movie Avatar Season 1, he left to go to the bathroom and didn't come back until Avatar Season 2 was released," making people burst into laughter.

The taste of raw mango shaved ice, which reminds her of the sweetness and sad memories of her first love, made Kim Sook greedy, saying, "I want to buy this machine," and Na Rae Park, the owner of Narae Bar, stared at the raw mango shaved ice with serious eyes, saying, "I really think I should buy this." I look at it.

The raw mango shaved ice mukbang, which makes even the painful memories of a runaway first love as sweet as a mango snowflake, can be seen on 'I Like Rice on Saturdays', which airs at 5 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google